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What is Email Appends?

What is Email Appends?

Mail appending, also known as e-appending, is a marketing practice that involves taking known customer data (first name, last name, and postal address) and matching it against a vendor’s database to obtain email addresses. These collected email addresses will then be later used to run marketing campaigns. Source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_appending

An email appending involves combining a database of list of contact that includes names, address and phone numbers with the database of a vendor email listing to get one reliable source that will have all email information. The success of email appending depends on the quality of both the databases being merged.

Email Append Best Practices to Keep in Mind

One of the important rules to consider when it comes to B2C data is that the “opt-in” rules still apply. If you send emails to new customers who haven’t opted for your services/messages, you’re probably going to irritate a lot of people. Continuing to do so will result in losing people rather than developing better relationships with them. Maintaining a record for opted-in data will effectively increase the reach of your potential audience by excluding the people who have opted out from your emails.

Email addresses are only valuable if they offer the company a viable channel of communication by being continually deliverable. According to experts, email marketing databases generally degrade by about 22.5% each year. There are 3 Important rules to keep in mind to get the best results from Email Append:

Append Only Your Customers

You must have an existing relationship with an individual in order to benefit from email append. If you try to append a list of contacts who are entirely new or haven’t heard about your organization at all, you might receive bad remarks for your IP, lose potential customers and gain a bad reputation for your organization. Best practice is to appending current customers with whom you’ve had a recent exchange. It is also important to keep track / exclude the unsubscriber list so that their data don’t fall into your email Append.

Reliable Data Provider

With regards to Data, always consider vendors who use permission-based data collected from lawful sources, where consumers agreed to share their information with third parties. Do a background check from the companies where you are trying to acquire data. A good data provided will also have the location information of the customers and the same will be validated as well. Going with Reliable data provider will decrease your chances of targeting non-responsive mailing list.

Be Minimal in Your Permission Request Email

A permission request is the introductory email message sent to the matched customer to gain his or her consent in being added to your email program. This email should focus on highlighting the benefits of giving permission to be on your email list, and set expectations for future content and frequency. This email should be focusing on selling only your brand and relationship with the customer and not your products. Await confirmation from the customer before initiating the sales cycle.

What is Data Append?

Data Append or data cleansing is a practice or method involved to ensure that your email database is unique and reliable to get the best possible ROI from email marketing campaigns. This is done by deleting outdating information and also by overwriting repeated or duplicate data. Data cleansing is an important element to achieve growth in email marketing.

Email databases in every organization gradually decay every year due to various reasons such as updated job title, company, location, address etc. In order to be efficient in email marketing campaigns, You’ll have to own a database which is updated, reliable and made up of responsive contacts so that it will increase your chances of receiving maximum leads.

Increasing the number of contacts in your email list and updating it with other missing customer information such as their address, phone number, and name will grow your customer database with much more efficient information. but doing so will also increase the potential risk of having duplicate or outdated data in your list which will not help you during your campaigns in any way. This is why Data appending is important to ensure that you don’t only have the last list of customer database but also a reliable list.

Why Data Append?

Data append will help you have a set of information which will not only help you get in touch with your customer database but to build a better relationship with them.

With information like the customer location, name, age, and preferences, you can better sell your product and you’ll be in a better position to understand what the customer wants and sell better.

Data append ensures that you don’t have duplicate information and reduces effort from communication with contacts which doesn’t have an active user on the other end.

Some of the major benefits of data Append / Cleansing which helps in boosting the marketing campaigns are as follows:

Increase the reputation of your IP

When you send email to a responsive audience, they will spend their time to respond or read the email received from your IP.

Better IP Reputation
But not spamming your customer database, you have a better Reputation and the information you share will be valued

Your Email List Has Reliable Data
With the help of Data appending, your email list will also have more information regarding your audience which will help you in establishing a better communication line.

Increase Potential Leads
With the help of Data Append, to some extent, you will be able to identify the potential leads by using information such as their location and interests.

Guaranteed Email Delivery
Data Append will ensure that all the emails you send reach the customer inbox

Productive Marketing Campaigns
Due to the reliable information, your marketing campaigns yield productive results

Avoid being flagged as Spam
Avoiding duplicate emails will prevent your emails being sent to the same customer multiple times. This will prevent your IP from falling under the spam category.

Improvise Marketing strategies
When your marketing campaigns get productive due to the reliable target audience, you can improve your marketing strategy each time so your campaigns are always progressive in terms of response and sales.

Save Cost and Effort
Data Append will ensure that the effort which you’ve put into the campaigns is minimal and cost-efficient.

It is very important and been suggested by professional marketing experts to always append your customer database frequently to ensure that they are reliable and gives you maximum ROI.

Email Appending and Data append goes hand-in-hand which brings you the maximum returns from your target audience to your organization and also ensuring that your marketing strategies have reliable statistics which will help you progress faster.