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Labour day marketing emails should not be ignored

Have you been operating under the belief that Labor Day, since a holiday, will not help improve website traffic or gain readership? If so, you have been thinking wrong. Market research indicates that the readership and/or purchases show an upward trend during Labor Day because it is a holiday and people would be available to go through your email content more readily. However, the fact that it’s a holiday and people would be more receptive to receiving emails doesn’t assure marketing success. A Labor Day marketing campaign has to be designed and worded smartly to ensure that your email stands apart from the crowd and gets you maximum readership.

Here are a few ideas you can explore to get started with that marketing campaign.

Do not spring a surprise on your readers: If you are planning to offer discounts or deals during the Labor Day weekend, do not let it be a surprise move as this will catch your customers/readers off guard. Of course, the element of surprise is all nice and fine, but no one wants to make a split-second purchasing or subscription decision. The better way to handle this would be to send an email a few weeks before the Labor Day weekend and then follow up with a reminder mail during the holiday weekend. This will give your readers time to ponder about the deal, weigh the pros and cons and then make the subscription decision with that final push in the form of a reminder email.

2. Put your thinking hat on and come up with creative subject lines: If I get a set of emails in my inbox during a holiday, all I’m going to do is scroll through the list quickly and then sign off; UNLESS; unless I see a subject line that would hook and reel me in and force me to open the mail. If you are offering a discount, mention it in the subject line. If you are offering a freebie, mention it in the subject line. If you are running a contest, mention it in the subject line. Remember that the primary purpose of your subject line should be to get your customer’s attention.

Now that we have discussed how to get your readers’ subscription, we should also identify ways to retain it. Though the subject line plays a big role in getting your readership, you should also focus equally on the

3. Pre-header in the emails- This is because most of the time your email pre-header will be displayed along with the subject line. Ensure that your pre-header reads along the same line as the subject and announces the freebie discount or deal. However, do not go overboard and reveal the complete plot so that your reader would still be interested in opening your email.

A good idea would be to check the readability of your pre-header using various devices to identify how it would appear when a reader opens the email on laptop, mobile or laptop. This will help in developing a smart and concise pre-header sentence and learn how much will be too much.

4.Explore various options to engage with your customers: Deals and discounts are great ways to attract customers but these avenues do not allow for customer engagement. Contests, quizzes and shares go a long way to get your existing customers’ attention and bring in new subscriptions.

You can set up an email quiz or a social media contest with the prerogative that the content will be shared on your social media pages. This will help you connect with the customers through the social media channels and also attract the attention of potential customers who might come by your page thanks to the contest running. You can make the deal sweeter for your existing customers by offering a regular discount, extra discounts for participating in the contest and a special prize for the lucky winner.

If you think that it’s too late to set up a contest, you can even offer discounts to your readers if they choose to share your content. If you convince your customers to spread the word, you are going to get higher clicks and subscribers during the Labor Day holiday.

However, if you have some time to spare and plan on how to capitalize on Labor Day holiday,

5.Exploring cross promoting products from non-competitors might be a great idea: If your business works closely with other non-competing businesses which offer products or services auxiliary to your own, you can explore cross promotion and cross targeting as marketing methods. You can strike up an affiliate deals and discount offers with these businesses which will help improve the overall business profits.

All this while, we have been discussing about various online methods to bring in those customers. What if we can go a step further and see if we can bring in more customers in person? All you need to do is

6.Set up an event/sale/seminar and invite your customers over. Though this method calls for weeks of planning and perfect execution, this would be a unique idea which will bring in customers who do not have any plans but aren’t keen to stay cooped up indoors through the weekend. Get as creative or as quirky as you can and use this event as an offline marketing campaign for your products. You can also appeal to your existing customers to spread the word which will bring in more customers.

Even better, if you so choose to work together with other businesses in your area to set an event up, it would be a memorable day for your customers while ensuring maximum customer engagement and business creation opportunities for you.

Now that we have discussed on how to get your customers excited about the Labor Day offers you have, all that you need to keep in mind is to

7.Customize the marketing mail: Every customer would like to feel that the offer was designed specifically for them and their dear ones. You need to segregate your customers based on various defining criteria and have custom marketing content sent to each group separately.

Though time-consuming, customized email content goes a long way to make customers feel important and cared for which will help create a loyal customer base.

Though you don’t have to use all the methods mentioned above, a few of these will help as long as you ensure that your theme and content stay as close to the holiday theme as possible.

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