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The key aspects to keep in mind while selling products and services to business users are price per lead and the efficiency of acquiring new customers.

If your target market is SAP users, then one of the most cost-effective ways to sell your products is by buying SAP customers’ mailing lists inclusive of all the required data to improve the probability of closing a deal!

We at Gethrough, offer extremely targeted email and contacts information depending on your preferred city, country, industry, and company size.

Get in touch with your target audience with the assistance of our SAP users’ mailing lists! Information of over 20,000 users resides in our database!


What Is SAP ERP?

SAP is a software that offers businesses a stage in a form of ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning software for the purpose of managing different databases used by their company.

SAP is the most sought-after ERP software in the world and was created by a team of German engineers. Today, it consists of a large number of customizable modules, hence the software has a huge direct competitors list (maybe even you!).


Here are few of the SAP modules


  • SAP-FI – Financial Accounting (accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset accounting, bank ledger, travel management…)
  • SAP-CO – Controlling (overhead and product cost, profitability analysis)
  • SAP-TR – Treasury
  • SAP-RE – Real Estate Management
  • SAP-EC – Enterprise Controlling
  • SAP-IM – Investment Management
  • SAP-PS – Project System
  • Supply Chain Management

SAP-SCM – Supply Chain Management

SAP-APO – Advanced Planning & Optimization

Technical modules

SAP NetWeaver (formerly SAP Basis)

SAP Solution Manager

SAP-EP – Enterprise Portal

SAP-PI – Process Integration (formerly SAP-XI)


SAP-HCM – Human Capital Management


SAP-MM – Materials Management
SAP-SD – Sales & Distribution
SAP-PP – Production Planning & Control
SAP-QM – Quality Management
SAP-LO – Logistics General
SAP-PM – Plant Maintenance
SAP-LE – Logistics Execution
SAP-CS – Customer Service
SAP-EHS – Environment, Health & Safety
SAP-SRM – Supplier Relationship Manag.
SAP-PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

Cross Application Modules

SAP-WF – Workflow

SAP-BW – Business Warehousing; DWH

SAP-CRM – Customer Relationship Management

SAP-ECM – Enterprise Content Management

SAP-MII – SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence

Why You Need SAP Users Mailing List

In spite of being one of the most conventional forms of online marketing, even today, Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to contact potential clients.

McKinsey & Co claim that Email Marketing is almost 40 times more effective for sales as compared to Social Media.

In a survey conducted by Campaign Monitor, email marketing displayed a surprising 47% conversion rate.

While reviewing the results, remember to make use of the right KPIs. Gain skill in how to increase email open rate by referring to our article!

You can customize your SAP mailing databases depending on the below parameters:

  • Location
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Job position

What information will be available in the SAP Users Database?

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Job position
  • Role
  • Email address
  • Street address
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Previous jobs

Our SAP email list offers you the following provisions

  • Advertise your products to specific prospects
  • Connect with C-Level executives
  • Boost ROI with the assistance of channelized marketing campaigns
  • Initiate communication etc.

Grow Your Business, Get Through Our SAP Customer List

The elaborate reach and existence of Technology User Lists have sanctioned the business to establish data partners across multiple industries and countries, permitting Gethrough to provide information on countries that are difficult to reach! With smartness and dedication, we at Gethrough make, re-make, and provide our SAP mailing list from Technology User Lists to you!

How can you extend your business reach with our SAP email listings?

You can start with multi-channel marketing, get in touch with potential leads with exactly what they and their industry needs. Also, you can build goodwill by creating trust and having your company progress forward and not look back again.

Get All Your Custom SAP Users Mailing List Concerns Addressed Here

SAP stands for ‘Systems, Applications, and Products.’ SAP was established in 1972 and since then, it thriving in spite of the numerous and significant alterations made in the software business. SAP is the type of software that huge companies are using to manage their many operations. SAP has come a long way despite its long history, partially because its developers are capable enough to adapt to changes that the business world has undergone.

It is important to contemplate the worth of software like SAP and the desires of massive businesses. Large companies have multiple departments, which have their own requirements and specifications, that will impact each other in multiple ways. SAP is a method of bringing order to that chaos in many ways.

IBM and Microsoft both use SAP, despite the fact that they played a role in developing the latest version of the software. Few other companies that make use of the SAP software are Zig Zag Fashions, Rextone Industries, Accusharp Cutting Tools, Auto Lubumbashi, Accutech, and Kenersys, etc.

The main characteristic of the SAP Users Email List created by our company is that of our data experts who have assembled, validated, and added the data to the email list! This email list is consolidated with one purpose in mind – to help everyone to benefit from multi-channel marketing. We also assist all SAP users in resolving their SAP-related requirements and issues in minimal time as they will already be getting the calls/emails etc.

Technology User Lists are created for the purpose of producing better opportunities. Our SAP email lists can be utilized by multiple industries, businesses of all sizes, and all types of professionals; as SAP products are expanding fast and in large numbers!

Purchase SAP Customers Lists from Gethrough to experience multiple benefits like never before. Use it to the maximum extent and provide your valuable feedback!


Guaranteed 99.9% authenticity rate

Negligible bounce back rates

Boosts ROI

High lead generation opportunities

Email lists are updated on a weekly basis

Room for personalization of email lists

Quick to act upon etc.

Gethrough is dedicated to having the top quality data in the industry. Every record of the SAP users’ mailing lists database is tested by hand for standard and accuracy by an expert team of our database professionals. We also follow comparable publications that may be waiting upon your desk for further industry changes. We constantly follow online and offline publications. The information in our database is gathered from market surveys, business magazines, websites, journals, conferences, business directories, seminars, trade shows, government records, phone surveys, job portals, newsletters, yellow pages, events, corporate websites, meetings, public records, and various other outlets.

Our elaborate lists in the SAP users’ database are accessible in multiple data formats. Clients can access their SAP users’ Mailing List in the format that is suitable for them by choosing from multiple options. We provide SAP users’ mailing database lists in XLS. CSV. And Text formats. Therefore, we provide the purchased information in Microsoft Excel format once you have completed the payment process for the SAP user’s mailing List. If you have purchased the customized lists or other services, then the service contract will provide you with the delivery date and method; and our customer executives will keep updating you on the delivery goal progress

The different types of SAP users list provided by us are the SAP ERP users list, SAP Success Factors users list, SAP MM users list, SAP CRM users list, SAP Ariba users list, SAP crystal Reports users list, SAP HANSA users list, SAP Business one users list etc.

Gethrough is a well-known company that provides SAP Customer List and along with its installed base, the database is associated with the greatest professionals from the Technological sector.

Purchasing the SAP ERP Customers List will boost your brand recognition amongst your potential leads.

SAP Customers List creates powerful engagements with the most distinguished prospects.

Simplifies multi-channel marketing campaign to increase brand visibility

Greatly valued in terms of customers satisfaction

The database is cleaned, refreshed, and updated once every 3 months as per the necessary requirements

Grows direct marketing with the top industry prospects

Increases email open rates from email marketing campaign

Duplication, unfinished and outdated data will be eliminated from the database

SAP Customers List enables a friendly relationship with highly-profitable leads

Positive results in Profit driven marketing campaign

Assurance of Data deliverability with higher sales profit

Increases business likelihood