Terms And Conditions

The information available through the Lists is the property of Gethrough Inc, or its licensors, and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Information received through the lists may be displayed, printed, and loaded into their own software for the Client’s in- house use only. Client agrees to reproduce, retransmit, photocopy, distribute, disseminate, rent, loan, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate the information received through the Lists to anyone, directly or indirectly, outside of the Client’s company or organization only with the expressed prior written consent of Gethrough Inc.



Any information delivered or disclosed by Client to Vendor incidental to or in connection with Performance of its Obligations under this agreement (Collectively, the ” Confidential Information”), shall be and remain the property of Client. Such Confidential Information includes work product, designs, materials and any other information concerning Client and its affiliates, including their business, plans, operations, products, methods, procedures, customers, services, equipment, systems, facilities and proprietary information, regardless of the form or method of communication. Vendor shall limit access to the Confidential Information solely to those of its personnel who have a direct and immediate need to know such information in connection with the performance of obligations under this Agreement. Confidential Information shall be used by Vendor only to the extent necessary in connection with the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. Vendor shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party and shall accord to all Confidential Information such protection as is necessary to prevent any other use, duplication, or disclosure, which protection shall be no less than a reasonable degree of care.



Gethrough Inc warranties that any personal data included in the Confidential Information has been collected in accordance with data protection laws applicable in respective Country throughout the Globe. Gethrough Inc further warranties that it has obtained all necessary authorizations f rom the data subject in accordance with the law applicable in the data subject’s country of residence Legal Compliance: We are in Compliance with the CAN SPAM ACT, 2003.

Deliverable Guarantee: 85% Deliverable Guarantee on emails.

Replacement validity: We shall replace contacts with the new set if the deliverability of emails exceeds beyond 85% and if Any invalid contacts found.

Email addresses validity: We provide only direct business email ids and not personal or generic emails such as info@, enquiries@, etc.

Unlimited Usage License: The Client will own all data purchased from Gethrough Inc.



You have to send emails via a professional email service provider or from a domain/ IP address that is not spam blocked. Gethrough Inc guarantees that all the lists are opt-in.



Records will be delivered to the client based on their marketing plans. To maintain the Quality of Data, Verify Email and to ensure all opt-in and opt-out requests are taken care of; we need 5-6 business days.



This is the entire agreement between the parties and hereby supersedes all other agreements, Negotiations, discussions, emails or advertising material related to the subject matter hereof.



Vendor shall not in any way make, disclose or publicize this Agreement nor shall Vendor list, name, or refer to Client or its affiliates as a customer and/or describe the services or products provided by Vendor to Client in client lists, proposals or other marketing or promotional materials without the prior written consent of Client.



we guarantee 85% deliverable Guarantee on email. If any invalid found we will replace those contacts. If we are unable to replace, we will refund on per contact basis.