B2B Marketing Team

Easy ways to write emails

Always keep it Short and to the Point

People will be racing against time everyday and majority of the online crowd will not have sufficient time to read through a long email. This is why it’s important to have the emails short and to the point. This will not only encourage them to read through it but also get their attention.

Be Polite

Readers are always inclined towards a polite approach rather than a commanding one. It’s important to have the politeness conveyed via the email you write to your audience as well. It should appeal the reader and encourage them to read more of your mails.

It’s also important that the information which you share via your emails are true to your knowledge. Conveying wrong information will deceive the reader, and once the trust is lost it’s very difficult to retain the user.

Begin your email with a greet using their first names . Calling people with the first name will always add a personal touch to your emails. It’ll make the user on the other end feel that they have received the email from a person and not an automated machine.

Use professional language, Avoid country specific slangs or harsh words in your email.

Get Personal

Share something personal like a customer success story or an employee effort to bring out the benefits or to justify the advantages for using your product / services.

Customer success stories are one of the best approach to convince other potential customers into investing in your product / services.

While writing customer story, there are few points which needs to be considered, Some of them are as follows,

  • Problems faced by the customer before using your product
  • How they came across your product
  • How your product or service help them with the transformation
  • Include images relevant to your product to make it more convincing
  • Share the Review of the customer after using your product or service
  • Share visual / analytical data of the results from your customers on using your product / services.

It is also important to talk about the people who are responsible for building / supporting your product. Stories about the development of the product and the people behind it will inspire customers and will increase the probability to invest/ buy in the same.

While writing stories about people behind your product, Following are some points that needs to be considered:

  • A analytical data of the effort your employees have put in to create your product
  • Time spent on QA and the process of QA which was taken care to ensure that the customer only gets the best
  • The backstories of your employee and what inspires them to work on the product

Decide Email Objective

Before you start any emails, it’s important that you have a target on what that particular email should achieve or what impact it should have on the people who reads it.

The end goal can be anything. It varies from industry to industry. Some of the common objectives behind emails are as follows,

  • An important page from your website related to the content in the email
  • Links to Your social media accounts that will promote your business
  • Redirect them to your Sign up or subscribe landing page when the customer clicks the respective buttons.
  • Redirect them to your blog to explain further about your product / services

Always Review and A/B test

Now you have a perfectly described and well explained email but a flaw within the email has been noticed by one of your customer, In some scenarios this will have a huge impact on your entire email campaign. So attention to details is the most crucial element while drafting any emails. Especially while running mass email campaigns.

Some generic mistakes which can be avoided, Follows,

  • Make use of the spell check extension to automatically reduce / Highlight all the errors.
  • Recheck your emails multiple times to ensure that you have excluded any unnecessary words or links.
    Validate typos.
  • Including an HD image in your email may not be viewable from all your audience’s devices. It’s important that you always have cross compatible content in your email.

It’s also important that you have an analytic data from your previous email campaigns. This data can be used to improve new campaigns and furthermore, it can be used to perform A/B test on the emails to get a theoretical understanding of which version appeals the customer more.

Know your audience

With the help of A/B testing you will have a better understanding of your audience. Once you have understood your audience, it’s all about getting an idea of what you need to present to your audience to get their attention.

If you are selling a product that demands or related to visual attraction, then your emails should be as attractive and thematically represent your product. On the contrary, if you are selling a product or service that’s on a professional level, then your email should be precise and well structured with right words.

You can always get a fair understanding on the needs and requirement of your audience with the help of A/B testing. Focusing on what aspects of your email gets the attention of your audience and prioritising your information towards that aspect is how you redirect your customer towards your products.

Capture Audience Attention

Find the fastest way to get the attention of your audience who are viewing your emails. Fast meaning less than a second. That’s a really short time! So how do you get that attention in such a short period ? the subject and starting sentences of your mail should be precise and enticing

The subject has to be something which your users can relate to or something they are interested towards. When you share details about your product in the description, don’t be robotic about it. Get a little personal, explain it as you will to another person.

If your aim is generating traffic to your website, then you need to be honest with your customers. If you want them to click a link to your website or blog, you should include that link in your description with it as a point of focus. Don’t mislead your customers. Have limited but focused information with hyperlinks that will point to the essentials on your website / blog.

Include An Essential Signature

Your email ends with a signature. Ending doesn’t always have to be fancy. It can be as simple as just your name. The best signatures are the ones which are plain and simple.

Including your phone number, email on your signature will open doors for communication between potential customers and your organization. Have your First and Last name in the signature as a standard. Ensure that you Include a link to your social network profiles to open wider communication channels.