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Many marketers do not take any notice of the fact that business email lists expire with time i.e. 30% every quarter. Gethrough’s Technology User Lists makes that added effort to handle the necessary hygiene of the given Oracle Users Email List. Our data experts evaluate and modify it regularly in every quarter to keep the directory fresh and ready-for-use.

Oracle Application professionals hardly have the time to check out unsought communication from unspecified marketers. Do not risk your brand by attaining a bad sender reputation? Make an impactful goodwill for you with the distinct opt-in Oracle Users List. Gethrough offers highly efficient data intelligence, giving your business the best display and scope for success. Our exceptionally trained set of analysts will help you reach the leading Oracle application professionals mailing lists by requested marketing thus enabling you to achieve increased sales.

Cause possible leads and transform them into deals with our broad database of Oracle Applications user’s mailing lists right now! Following are some of the many product- wise Oracle users email lists:

Oracle’s JD Edwards Users Lists

Oracle Endeca Users lists

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Users List

Oracle Developer Suite Users

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Users Database

Oracle Primavera Users lists

Email List of Oracle ATG Users

Oracle Database Users

Oracle E-Business Suite Users List

Oracle Universal Content Management Users Email Lists

Oracle Essbase Users lists

Oracle Fusion Users List

Oracle Exadata Users List

Oracle Siebel CRM Customers List

List of Oracle SUN Users

Oracle PeopleSoft Users

Oracle Customers Mailing Database

Oracle SOA Suite Users lists

Details of Gethrough Oracle Users Email List constitutes of

Oracle users can be easily found yet, difficult to communicate with if one does not have their data. It is because, they would possibly not trust your company. To be on the safer and more successful end, buy Oracle Customers List from Gethrough’s Technology User Lists and be the change your company requires. Following are some of the many details our Oracle Users Email List directory provides with:

Full Name

SIC Code


Job Title





Personal Contact Number

Company Size

Postal Code


Fax Number

Social Media Details

Email address


Schedule an appointment and take a nearer look into accessing correct Oracle users email list:-

Gethrough is conscious of how crucial marketing is because, your customers are your boss! With our oracle application users email list, cross-media market in the most mutual manner with personal and professional details of your prospects with the following:

so just raise up your revenue by 200% with our exclusive, unique, exact oracle application user list with scope for personalization and readily available to you, saving up on time.

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You cannot reach oracle users or any other such professionals by using a random list. If you do not use permission-based list for campaigns then your marketing emails will never reach the right inboxes of your targeted decision makers. Gethrough provides a broad range of affordable email addresses of oracle customers to undo spam, bounce and other obstacles. Hence as a result your campaign messages end up in the the right person’s inboxes at a right time.

Get access to the all inclusive, niche and thoroughly verified Oracle Users Email List that is available in a customized specific pattern fitting your business parameters specifically.

Close more lucrative sales using in-depth analyzed Oracle Customers Mailing Database. Gethrough’s Technology User Lists provides the right prospect intelligence solutions with the most favorable standards within its Databases of Oracle Customers for accurate B2B marketing communication. Keep your marketing messages free from all communication obstacles.

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Useful business database with convenient outreach to prospects- that’s what we aim for at the most affordable rates. See 6 major reasons why your company must opt for Oracle Users Email List:

  1. Boosts ROI, enhancing sales and conversion rates
  2. Customizable email lists
  3. Weekly updated email lists
  4. Multi- channel marketing solutions
  5. Variety of creative ways are open for your company to market with our email lists
  6. Direct access to communicate to leaders of Oracle Users lists
  7. Covers all industries using Oracle’s products

Gethrough Technology Lists

The world today is technology reliant. Romanticize as we may wish, it goes without saying that technology today is what metaphorically makes the world go round. An increase of portals and blogs sharing information.



Our Technology Lists comprise:

IT Decision Maker List

IT Decision Makers are a different breed. We use that word because that is one area where even the top brass of the management leaves the ‘danger’ to the professionals.

SAP Users List

The SAP community is a vast community that consists of a mix of individuals from entry level to the top level.

ERP Users List

Everyone from SMEs to large companies need an ERP (Enterprise Relationship Management) solution incorporated with either their Intranet or accessible to their employees.

Oracle Applications Users Lists

Oracle Services span across fields such as Enterprise Management, Application Server Management and Functioning

JD Edwards Users List

JD Edwards is a world renowned Enterprise Relationship Management (ERP) solutions company.

PeopleSoft Users List

PeopleSoft is another globally renowned market leader in the field of Human Resource Management systems, Financial Management solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Users List

The Microsoft Dynamics GP is Microsoft’s offering to the small to mid-size enterprise segment. Accessed and accepted in several companies globally.

Oracle Database Users List

Apart from the Oracle Applications Users List, Gethrough also owns an Oracle Database Users List. Our List comprises the contact details of Oracle Database Users.

Siebel Application Users List

Contrary to what some self-proclaimed Internet Gurus may say, Siebel Applications are very much around. After being acquired by Oracle just under a decade ago.

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How do I enhance the Oracle users list?

You can either provide bunch of create user/grant SQL statements to create Oracle Database users that communicates to domains, on which you position database objects. You can make use of database management tools (like Oracle Enterprise Manage, PLSQL Developer, Toad) for this purpose too.

You can generate users table(s) in which you reserve user’s data like username, first and last name and other data. The table would be operated using SQL statements. This perspective is more mobile between database systems and is more close to what can be understood as application user database. It is more sufficient for web applications than generating specific database accounts in system tables (as in 1).

You can utilize LDAP or Active Directory to manage database application users in an enterprise.

You can also verify users using other services like Google, Facebook and others like SSO (Single Sign on), CAS.

As a web application developer it is advised to apply mostly the second approach that seems more adaptable and simple to handle.

What is the use of Oracle user’s lists?

Oracle Corporation is an extremely successful provider of database management systems that delights in a multi-billion dollar annual income. Oracle charges a powerful market in application evolution by conveying more than 5000 business software products across the globe. However, Cracking into this leading market or putting up your product to professionals using this tool needs an all-inclusive client obtaining plans that likely empties the assets that could be lucrative otherwise.

Gethrough offers you a genuine and dependable Oracle Users List that is made up by our excellently accomplished team. Our segmented database authorizes you to select only the right information that convinces your business desires. It also ensures success and remarkable profits from your B2B marketing campaign. Following, businesses can grasp fresh sales leads of first-rate standard and results in a huge return on investment by thoughtful planning the approaches.

Why should we use Oracle Users Mailing List?

Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most adaptable and affordable method to maintain data and applications. Enterprise grid computing designs huge pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers. With this architecture, each new system can be rapidly provisioned from the pool of components. There is no need for peak workloads, because potential can be simply added or distributed from the resource pools as required.

  • Reach customers anywhere in the world without any geographical hurdles.
  • Introduce effective and successful marketing campaigns.
  • High deliverance rate with minimal marketing risks.
  • Speeds up response and high conversion rates and ROI.
  • High picked up data to our prospects.
  • Boost customer base.
  • Assists in tracking and monitoring e-mail addresses

What is the major difference between truncate and delete in Oracle database?

In Oracle database, Truncate is a DDL command also under DDL is Drop while Delete is a DML command. Given, below is a brief explanation:-


The DELETE command is used to remove rows from a table. A ‘’WHERE’’ clause can be used to only remove some rows. If no WHERE condition is specified, all rows will be removed. After performing a DELETE operation you need to COMMIT or ROLLBACK the transaction to make the change permanent or to undo it. Note that this operation will cause all DELETE triggers on the table to fire.


TRUNCATE removes all rows from a table. The operation cannot be reversed and no triggers will be fired. As such, TRUNCATE is quicker and doesn’t use as much undo space as a DELETE.

Which company would you recommend for an Oracle user email list?

We understand the pressure you face in reaching out to your target audience. With Gethrough’s Oracle users email list now marketers can simply achieve quality data, broken-up and altered to meet their commercial objectives. Gethrough has gained the trust in preparing lucrative and rarest business database which will be profitable one.

Gethrough Oracle users’ lists are completely consent-based and are composed from seminars, conferences, magazine subscriptions and a host of proprietary sources. Considering application marketing, Gethrough stands the foremost as our lists cover the huge spectrum of Oracle software.

We create successful, receptive oracle users mailing lists rather than just selling our customers a mass of pre-packaged data. The reason why our marketing people examine your campaign, profile your potential customers and prepare a list that will produce the best response to your marketing strategy.

Our Oracle Users Mailing List will help you in constructing your B2B campaign in the most effective way. Our email list is well adept to deliver maximum quantity of accuracy to run your successful email campaign.

How do I get list of all tables in an Oracle database?

Login to database with queries all dictionary advantage and issue the query

Select owner, table_ name from dba_tables;

Querying All_tables in a non dba account will offer only the tables that you have reading access.

Dba_tables is one view which provides the entire tables list in an entire database.

Is the Oracle database worth it?

The definition of worth is very subjective. The fact is, Oracle does have the most complete feature set available from any RDBMS software available out there. But, does all of those features really needed? Mostly everyone would say they need all of those features. It is however, when for each feature comes with financial cost that should be paid then the story would be different.

The most accomplished feature set of oracle comes in enterprise edition that is very expensive compared to most database available today, additional characteristic such as performance monitoring and tune up, grid, comes with another additional charge of which are divided from the package itself. If those features are badly needed and the organization does have budget and inclined to pay to cover the charge for those features, then yes oracle is very worthy investment.

However, having the most complete feature set does not mean it is the best in all its extension range. Some databases vendors bring to focus and gets the most out of a specific feature set for distinct requirements and targeting for specific target market, whether those vendor prefer commercial or open source is something different but it is the reason of their existence, it is why MySQL (not considering oracle own MySQL right now) might be better rather best for the web than oracle database.

So finally, worth is the result of examining between price, merits, requirements, and the features that were available on RDBMS package.

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