Marketing Decision Makers List

Marketing Decision Makers List

Marketing improves the selling environment and plays a very significant part of sales. Marketing processes of an organization demands to predict the requirements and wants of consumers and satisfying them more successfully than competitors. The strategies for marketing include a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that interest the organization and its stakeholders.

Marketers operating within the country are making use of a line-up of channels to reach out to locally establish global consumers. Be it billboards, banner advertising or the new age social media and language-centered campaigns, marketers continue to reach out to major marketing heads and sought after professionals in different positions. Gethrough has been able to distinguish itself from other list companies by assembling key contact information ( including emails ) on difficult to find Executive Titles and can populate intricate information of Executive Database of Key Marketing decision-makers Executives for your company, that cannot be found anywhere on the market.

But the challenge is apprehending the right decision-makers and therefore the need for a comprehensive marketing mailing list of expats arises. Here Gethrough’s global marketing decision makers mailing list enables marketers to give their marketing campaign the right impetus, thus capitalizing on the ROI. Gethrough’s Global marketing big shot lists consist of a list of professionals who have the settled indefinitely into an overseas location. Gethrough’s helps marketers link with these wealthy expatriates who have the authority to select, acquire and invest.

Gethrough’s global marketing decision makers email list provides a single view of the most influential and powerful management heads and executives of the renowned companies, which comprises of key fields such as phone, email address, job title etc. Extensive promotions of products via direct marketing emails, tailored for the global audience is one of the most important marketing tools to reach out to the expats. A few email list providers try to reach the significant audience, while Gethrough’s goes the extra mile by understanding the medium of business and providing lucrative and exact global key position holders email lists. With Gethrough’s global marketing decision makers email list, marketers can take their marketing dollars further; raise brand awareness by engaging in the proper environment of big management heads and key position holders.

Gethrough’s provides a smooth solution of making customized marketing decision-makers mailing lists, moving from the marketers business to circulating to the potential expats and finally reaching the expats’ inbox. This practice thereby assists commercial objectives of a marketer to be achieved with highly productive ROI on their marketing campaigns. Here we present important scope that makes Gethrough the most favored vendor for global decision makers email list-

Chief Marketing Officer

SVP, VP, Director, Manager – Marketing

SVP, VP, Director, Manager – Business Development

Product Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Managers/Directors

Media Planners, Event Planners

Advertising Executives

Chief Sales Officer

SVP, VP, Director, Manager- Sales

Brand Marketing Manager

Market Research Contacts

Database Marketing Manager

Direct Marketing Executives

Internet & electronic Commerce Marketing Executives

Gethrough Mailing List

Gethrough helps not only choose a List that will best suit your business needs, but also gives you a surety of reaching out to people you think need to know about your business.


Our Lists comprise:

Business Mailing Lists

Our Business Mailing Lists comprise details such as Contact Person’s Name, Contact details, Role, Industry, Company Name and Contact details, etc. Additionally, we also qualify our Business Lists by geographic location, market demographics and personnel specifics.


Fortune 500 List

They see a company or brand to emulate. That’s a fair goal. But what we also see, is a brand to target! Fortunes (pun intended) change ever so quickly and it’s important you reach out to this rich database of niche target customers.


Geography Specific List

If your product or service is geographically sensitive (in other words, targeted to a specific geographical construct), our Geography Specific List factors in all such aspects. Our lists comprise information segregated on the basis of Continent.


Health Services Mailing List

Stress levels and work cultures changing, the need to be serviced by the industry has increased. If you provide a product or service related to the Healthcare industry.


HR Executive Mailing List

If your company provides Human Resource (HR) services including body-shopping, recruitment and placements or hiring, our HR Executive Mailing List comprises a segment that you must target


Industry Specific List

In a large marketing scenario, where there are different industries, different types of companies under each industry and fragments of specific industry professionals all across.


Marketing Decision Makers List

If your business or the company your work for owns proprietary rights to a tool, software, product or service that would benefit a company or brand with regard to its marketing needs


Pharmaceutical & Biotech List

Due to the vastness of the Healthcare industry, it makes sense to split and sort it in the form of Healthcare services or products. Our Pharmaceutical & Biotech List is a specific.


Sales Decision Makers List

While some enforce a more peer-to-peer, “put a face to a name” procedure, some prefer carrying on with all their dealings purely over the internet. Irrespective of what a company’s process.


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What makes Gethrough different than other database providers?

Gethrough data provides an extensive specialty list with thousands of categories to opt from. We acquire information from a variety of sources and mix them together to confirm we have the most extensive specialty lists our clients are looking for! We have thousands of consumer specialty lists with thorough demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle characteristics. We have one of the biggest databases of specialty lists available in the industry with extremely large list counts and affordable pricing. Our set of specialized marketing decision makers lists, with thousands of categories, allow you to target difficult to reach business segments including decision-makers, professionals, and executives, just to name a few. Eventually, all our lists are run through extensive accuracy procedures such as National Change of Address (NCOA) and Certified Address Accuracy System (CAAS) certified which creates the industry’s most accurate lists. Gethrough runs multiple quality screening checks on each and every list.

Why should I use Gethrough data?

Employing our service ensures you the most affordable prices pertaining to other’s in the market. We order by the millions and in turn keep the prices low to our clients. This permits our clients to maximize returns on investment every campaign. Gethrough is the only accumulator of live trade show data and direct mail survey responders.

How Authentic Is Your Database?

Gethrough is committed to having the most superior quality of data in the industry. Each record is examined by hand for quality and completeness by one of our database specialists. Our information data base comes from market surveys, business magazines, websites, journals, conferences, trade directories, seminars, trade shows, and other outlets.

  • Database Accuracy of Marketing decision makers list 

    Our teams of database experts consistently update our databases of marketing management professionals from over 5,000 public sources. We also place more than 20 million phone calls per year to substantiate and gather additional information. With our data, you can expect to have the highest output capacity in the industry.

  • Consumer Database Authenticity

    We have skilled set of Consumer database specialists at Gethrough who continuously update our records from new sources on a once a month. The database is also processed against both the USPS National Change of Address File (NCOA) and the Delivery Sequence File (DSF). Gethrough information is carrier route and ZIP+4 coded using the Postal Service certified Coding Authenticity Support System (CASS). Even though consumers move on a regular basis, the standard of the Gethrough consumer data will enable you to reach a 90-92% output capacity, an unrivalled level in the industry.

How do i compile your databases?

At Gethrough, we have most comprehensive databases that are already compiled from county record, courthouses, tax rolls, trade shows, internet surveys, census tracking, and our own proprietary information which is all combined together and updated once a month to create the absolutely infinite databases in the industry. We also have direct mail responders coming in every day to bring you fresh receptive consumers. We also have contracts from major staking Institutions worldwide for entire management of their permission selected in data.

How is the data delivered and how much time does it take?

Our Contact Builder checkout process delivers the list instantly by sending an email of the data in Microsoft Excel format after you are done with the payment procedure for global decision makers email Addresses List, If you have ordered for custom lists or other services the service contract will detail you the delivery date and delivery method and our customer executives will keep you updated on the delivery goal progress.

What if I can’t find a company or contact I’m looking for?

Gethrough is dedicated to delivering data, insights, and connections that are relevant for B2B commerce offering the rarest of key marketing leaders. To achieve that, we concentrate upon providing contacts that are key decision-makers and influencers, and companies with five thousand or more employees. Non-managerial roles, very small businesses, branch offices, and franchises are generally not included in our data.

We deliver company and contact information for all public companies worldwide, and most private companies with five or more employees, with powerful coverage in the major world markets of the U.S. – where we have 90% coverage – and Europe.

Still, if you would like to add a contact or company (and are unable to find the company when you “view partner results”), you can do so easily by clicking on “Add Person” or “Add Company” and filling in the details. Gethrough verifies each submission before publishing.

Is data of Gethrough equally accurate around the globe?

The simple answer is yes. Gethrough delivers real-time information about companies and B2B contacts around the world. Relatively speaking, you will find more data from the U.S., Canada, and Europe than other regions of the world. This is because data sources from growing markets are comparatively less mature, meaning there is less data available and what is available often doesn’t meet our standards for reliability. The result is that our data volume in these regions is low, so quality can be maintained and you can have confidence in our data.

As new global data sources become available, we will continue to expand our coverage, when we can do so with confidence.

How does your company coverage compared to other data providers?

Did you know that less than 10% of the registered businesses in the world matter in B2B commerce?  Some data providers praise themselves of having the world’s largest database of companies, but Gethrough delivers the companies that actually matter.

Traditional data providers are solving a different problem than we are.  They’re addressing issues of credit risk, not sales and marketing productivity.  As a result, they gather data on as many entities as possible to help identify the “businesses” you don’t want to do business with. Their databases include volumes of fictitious companies, legal (paper) entities, stale information, and other irrelevant, time-wasting records.

Gethrough database is built particularly for sales and marketing, and has been since our inception. That means we deliver only active businesses with meaningful purchasing power. We uplift your productivity by reducing data noise.  You’ll find a breakdown of our data range here.

How does your contact data compared to other data providers?

Gethrough contact database of marketing decision makers is not the largest in the industry, and that’s intentional.  We concentrate on the contacts that actually matter – leaders, owners and key influencers – so you can find the people you need, without having to check each and every less important position holders.

This means we focus on CxO, VP, director, and board member titles of marketing decision makers, and will sometimes include managers and individual contributors of marketing industry who are thought to influence buying decisions. Other databases often constitute as many contacts as they can find, which means you have to work through volumes of low level, duplicate, and outdated records to get to the ones you need.

Gethrough raises your productivity by reducing data bulk. You’ll find a breakdown of our contact coverage here.

What value does Gethrough targeting intelligence offers versus what is freely available on the web?

Company research on the web is very time consuming, can give you clashing and wrong results, and is lacking many kinds of data we are able to gather from non-web sources. Additionally, human research cannot keep up with today’s organizational changes and business issues, an issue we solve with our algorithmic technology that can do so in real-time. Bottom line: Gethrough saves you time from getting wasted, provides a more complete, dependable, pertinent data and insights, and alerts you to business triggers, so you can take action in a confident and timely manner. The result is sizeable, faster pipelines, more successful engagement, higher win rates, and bigger revenue.

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