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It might be easy targeting customers based on their needs or search query. However, it is hard to know their exact job position, location, industry and experience.

If you want to target people in a particular industry, target managers or people of specific roles in the company, Gethrough has prepared mailing lists with contact data of thousands of employees across the globe.

Whether you target decision makers in the IT industry, wish to sell products to people using specific software, offer services for legal companies or anything else, contact us for customized email databases

How Gethrough Can Help You

We have database management teams focusing on end-to-end data mining, filtering and updating. All contacts are collected legally through surveys and various forms.

Gethrough helps not only choose a targeted mailing list that will best suit your business needs, but also gives you a certainty of reaching out to people who might be interested in your products or services.

Our teams study the nature of your business and isolate the email database list that would match your business needs and consist of the most targeted audience.

Our lists are gathered through careful process of database management which involve mining, surveys, face to face interactions, word of mouth and what’s best is that the veracity of every email address in our lists is regularly tested.

Reporting & Mailing Campaign Analysis

The best aspect of using our targeted email lists is the reporting.

Our software enables us to provide you with detailed reports and analysis on your campaign. This helps understand the success ratio of your campaign and helps you chalk out a definitive set of steps ahead.

By analyzing the reports, you can find the most cost-efficient audience to target and reduce your email outreach costs

Our reviewing processes ensure that our lists are clean, live and gives our clientele optimum responses. We believe that if our client receives a return on their investment, they are bound to return to us and give us their business for the future

Our Mailing Lists

Mining Industry Contacts Database

Learn about our mailing lists with contact data of professionals from different positions including managers, HRs, CEOs, CTOs and more.

Manufacturing Industry Mailing Lists

Check mailing lists of professionals from the food, clothing, chemicals, machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Business Email Lists

Contact us for mailing lists of particular businesses and get databases with information including website, employee size, main shareholders and much more.

Attorneys & Lawyers Email Database

Contact us for customized mailing lists of attorneys and lawyers of particular specializations in countries and cities of your choice.

IBM Users Mailing Lists

Get information about user databases of various IBM Systems programs and software solutions.

Aerospace Industry Email Lists

Offer your services to thousands of professionals in one of the most profitable and expensive industries in the world via email outreach.

Oil & Gas Industry Email Lists

Despite the popularity of renewable energy sources, gas and oil are still the most popular and often most efficient kinds of energy. Contact industry professionals now.

Finance & Banking Mailing Database

Contact C-level managers, HRs and regular employees of companies working in the financial and banking sector.

Tourism & Hospitality Mailing Lists

Get contact data of travel industry managers and employees from countries and companies of your choice.

And many more… Contact us with your industry, target job positions and location, and we will prepare a custom offer for you!

Choose Gethrough to ‘get through’ to global markets and an instant audience

Why Choose Gethrough  Targeted Mailing List?

How does Gethrough acquire B2b e-mail databases?

Online, we conduct widespread surveys, polls, online information gathering drives and the like to gather databases. Separately, we also have our teams deployed offline to participate in conferences, trade shows and several corporate gatherings and acquire contacts.

Our Lists comprise:

Business Mailing Lists

Our Business Mailing Lists comprise details such as Contact Person’s Name, Contact details, Role, Industry, Company Name and Contact details, etc. Additionally, we also qualify our Business Lists by geographic location, market demographics and personnel specifics.


Fortune 500 List

They see a company or brand to emulate. That’s a fair goal. But what we also see, is a brand to target! Fortunes (pun intended) change ever so quickly and it’s important you reach out to this rich database of niche target customers.


Geography Specific List

If your product or service is geographically sensitive (in other words, targeted to a specific geographical construct), our Geography Specific List factors in all such aspects. Our lists comprise information segregated on the basis of Continent.


Health Services Mailing List

Stress levels and work cultures changing, the need to be serviced by the industry has increased. If you provide a product or service related to the Healthcare industry.


HR Executive Mailing List

If your company provides Human Resource (HR) services including body-shopping, recruitment and placements or hiring, our HR Executive Mailing List comprises a segment that you must target


Industry Specific List

In a large marketing scenario, where there are different industries, different types of companies under each industry and fragments of specific industry professionals all across.


Marketing Decision Makers List

If your business or the company your work for owns proprietary rights to a tool, software, product or service that would benefit a company or brand with regard to its marketing needs


Pharmaceutical & Biotech List

Due to the vastness of the Healthcare industry, it makes sense to split and sort it in the form of Healthcare services or products. Our Pharmaceutical & Biotech List is a specific.


Sales Decision Makers List

While some enforce a more peer-to-peer, “put a face to a name” procedure, some prefer carrying on with all their dealings purely over the internet. Irrespective of what a company’s process.


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