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The entire performance-based JD Edwards ERP users list from Gethrough is a database created to assist you to achieve success by providing to you authentic and verified contact information of users, business leaders, and top professionals all over the country.

JD Edwards and its set of data management tools are a few of the most detailed ERP software set up in the industry and offer service to a large number of small and medium scale businesses.

Our extremely experienced data experts review every single record before the database is offered to the customers. Gethrough can provide your company with a customized, highly responsive JD Edwards ERP users email list that is sure to significantly increase your sales performance.

Compiled and segregated based on customers’ needs, this easy-to-use email and mailing list has information valuable to multi-channel campaigns.

Purchase a customized mailing list of JD Edwards ERP users and consumers!


Advantages Of The JD Edwards ERP User Database

  1. Rigorously checked, filtered, and verified, trusted, and updated contact data of key leaders and significant role holders.
  2. Cost-effective certified user list
  3. Updated to reflect changes in job, industry, profile, etc
  4. Our information is customized based on the business needs of our clients and customers
  5. Highly efficient professional database segregated accordingly with contact details

It is possible that your company has attempted to compile email lists by itself. But as you would have realized, it can take years of effort to compile a good JD Edwards users’ email list.

This is because is it time-consuming and tedious to search for reliable data that has got 100% opt-in details. Also, data validation requires expertise.

Increase your lead generation count, and reach out to over 20,000 companies using JD Edwards list from Gethrough. Above all, separate the data depending on job titles, geo-location, and other factors.

Oracle’s JD Edwards Enterprise is a superb integrated application with an elaborate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning.) JD Edwards also offers mobile applications. Studies have proven that over 25,000 companies currently use JD Edwards. Accelerate your business growth using our Oracle JD Users Marketing Email Lists.

The appeal of Oracle JD Edwards lies in the fact that it is a one-platform solution, enhancing better communication within and outside business networks. Check out the locally and globally esteemed JD Edwards users’ email list that can be personalized according to your requirements. These are the most famous email lists of JD Edwards users have purchased from Gethrough:


  • Email List of Companies that use JD Edwards in EMEA
  • Mailing Lists of Companies that use JD Edwards in the USA
  • Email Directory of Companies that use JD Edwards in the UK
  • Top 5000 and 2000 Companies that use JD Edwards
  • Email List of Companies that use JD Edwards in EMEA
  • Mailing Lists of Companies that use JD Edwards in the USA
  • Email Directory of Companies that use JD Edwards in the UK
  • Top 5000 and 2000 Companies that use JD Edwards
  • Email List of top Finance position holders from Companies that use JD Edwards in North America
  • Email List of Companies with 3000+ employees with Job Titles from Finance Functions Managers that use JD Edwards
  • Global Email List of Finance leaders of Companies that use JD Edwards with Revenue above 100 Million

Get All Your JD Edwards Users & Customers Email List Concerns Addressed Here

Data that is not verified for consistency in data quality, data integration, and information authenticity can make your campaign pay a price. Our JD Edwards Users mailing database contains detailed information on clients, that is needed to carry out advertising campaigns. The client details include Name, title, Postal address, telephone number, postal mailing address, email address, Sales Revenue, etc. This information allows you to get in touch with the clients, via multiple marketing channels. Our list has access to contacts from various countries across the world such as the US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada etc. The JD Edwards Email and mailing list provided by us appends in telephone numbers and email addresses. Therefore, our list is handy and deeply trusted.

Data quality is a major requirement to make advanced sales decisions. We at Gethrough, perform frequent data quality checks to ensure that the data given suits your purpose. Our authentication and verification processes avoid data decaying, lay-offs, and fraud data which might negatively impact your sales conversion. Our affixing process will get you one step closer to reaching out to the most dynamically competing leads. Gethrough’s expert teams append email, telephone, and social media contacts to our JD Edwards Users mailing database. It maintains the customer contacts to keep it intact and visible, which improved the stability of the campaign.

Gethrough offers very rarely and difficultly found contacts – the ones that are most critical to get in touch with. Gethrough also filters and updates the present list of ERP users’ database list in the most feasible manner as compared to any other competitor that deals with the business of offering mailing lists. We reach out to each company every three months, to confirm the present-day positions of their leaders and employees. The data we get today is given to you instantly so that you are aware of the latest changes. Also, we are constantly making additions to new companies, brands, and contact details that are emerging across the globe. We keep a constant eye for the additional, interesting information on people which in turn results in the List being such a relevant source of new business leads.

Gethrough is dedicated to having the top quality data in the industry. Every record of the JD Edward’s ERP users database is tested by hand for standard and accuracy by an expert team of our database professionals. We also follow comparable publications that may be waiting upon your desk for further industry changes. We constantly follow online and offline publications. The information in our database is gathered from market surveys, business magazines, websites, journals, conferences, business directories, seminars, trade shows, and various other outlets.

Our elaborate lists of JD Edward’s ERP users’ database are accessible in multiple data formats. Clients can access their JD Edward’s ERP users’ Mailing List in the format that is suitable for them by choosing from multiple options. We provide JD Edward’s ERP users’ database lists in XLS. CSV. And Text formats.

Our list of JD Edwards ERP users Emails is updated at regular intervals. We reach out to each company every three months, to confirm the present-day positions of the Phone Appending Database of their leaders and employees. We may also test it earlier than the required period just in case we sense there may be a need to replace the Database. Our specialized team of skilled professionals makes use of superior and top-scoring tools and software to maintain list quality and guarantee what the clients get from us are reliable and credible.

Yes. You can use our JD Edwards ERP users Mailing List to contact globally connecting all HR Directors, Application Managers, and Major Application Executives. . The regions covered by us include – the USA, the UK, North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and a lot more.

Try out our list of USA JD Edwards Users email lists and get in touch with potential prospects belonging to specific brackets.

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