How To Write An Email Resignation Letter: Tips & Samples For Your Quitting Letter

Before sitting down to write a resignation letter, you need to contemplate what your resignation letter must say. It is equally essential that you portray respect and courtesy in your resignation letter.

Irrespective of whether you are quitting because of a difference of opinion or not, it is recommended to display gratitude for the duration you were in employment.

Don’t let your resignation letter give space to any interpretation of any negative impression as you never know whether or not you might need this job back someday in the future.

A few other tips for writing a resignation email are – the inclusion of an address line, statement of resignation, the cause of your resignation, your scheduled date of resignation, expression of gratitude, matters of transition or hand-over, closing remarks and signature.

All of these tips are elaborated below with a few resignation email samples (mentioned in italics).

1) Introduction And Notice Of Resignation
Writing a resignation letter conceivably indicates that you start with formal salutations wherein you may make use of a standard greeting by stating the recipient’s first name. The recipient can be the Human Resources Manager or your immediate supervisor such as a departmental head.

Next, make it clear to the reader that the intention of your email is to put it on record that you are resigning from your position in the company. While at it, remember to state the cause for your resignation (even if it may not be true) and your last working day in the establishment.

Your last working day must be in sync with provisions mentioned in your letter of appointment related to resignations. Few companies may need you to serve a notice period of one to three months.

If your situation is similar to this, then you need to think it through before deciding on a particular date to cite in your email. Refer to the following example:

Dear Lillian,

Kindly please be informed that I am officially resigning from this company as the Marketing and Operations Manager. My resignation is the result of my domestic requirements that I cannot fulfill effectively while still in employment. Keeping in mind the requirement to serve a notice period of 3 months, my last day to report to work shall be 15th Feb 2021.

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2) A Statement Of Gratitude
As mentioned above, it isn’t smart to burn bridges either by deed or by interpretation. It is always advisable to maintain professional relationships and maintain good terms because, as mentioned before, you never know if you might need the same job any time in the future. Thus, consider writing a few lines stating what you are grateful for during the period of your service.

Mentioned below is a good example;

I have been in employment with this company for a little over 5 years. During this period, I was privileged to climb the ranks and become the Marketing & Operations Manager from only a Sales Officer. For this milestone, I will always be in your debt.

Also, it would be unfair on my part if I did not express gratitude for the cordial relations and cooperation that I have always received from you and everyone else ever since I joined this company. Above all, I am greatly thankful for all the knowledge, challenges, and experience I have received in all these years.

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3) Matters Of Transition
One of the motives of writing an email of resignation is to facilitate transition requirements. This may involve an audit being carried out by you as arrangements are done to get your replacement. Apart from an audit, it could be vital that whoever replaces you, understudies you closely.

In the case of marketing, for instance, it is advisable for your replacement to familiarize themself with the portfolio of your clients, the rates, the terms of engagement, especially regarding deliverables, time frames, and of course, terms and conditions of payment with the question of credit facilities.

And whoever is coming in, must also understand the projections and strategies of the company, among other things. These particulars can be worked out in advance either with your immediate superior or your Human Resources Manager.

Just in case you are not certain about your responsibilities for the handover, you can mention that you are prepared to cooperate for the actions needed for a smooth transition. Last but not least, sign off with an appropriate declaration of farewell such as ‘yours faithfully’, ‘Thank you’ or ‘yours sincerely’.
You can refer to the below example for a better understanding of phrasing the transition process:

In order to ensure a smooth transition, I sincerely hope that the action of getting my replacement be accomplished as soon as possible so that I may take up on the process of handing over.

First, I would like to introduce my replacement to the clients in our portfolio and run them by our terms of engagement individually.

Second, I hope to familiarize my successor with our projected estimate for the future, including our plans of action for accomplishing the same. I am also prepared to cooperate on any other front that may be deemed necessary by the office.

Lastly, I wish to reiterate my gratitude and promise that I will be available for any assistance you might need after my exit, as long as it is within my ability.

Yours faithfully,



Mentioned above is a brief guide on how to send a resignation email.

Even though the essential fundamentals stay the same, the content material will usually vary from person to person depending on the cause for resignation.

Resignations can be for multiple reasons such as a change in profession, studies, family obligations, relocation, better opportunities elsewhere, and lots of different situations.

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