Before you sit down to compose a resignation email, you should ponder what your resignation letter needs to contain. Equally important is the need for you to demonstrate respect and courtesy. 

Regardless of whether you are quitting due to a disagreement or not, it is advisable to register gratitude for the time you were in employment.

Let your resignation letter not allow room for the interpretation of burning bridges because you never know. You might come back for the job one day in the future.

Other tips on how to write a resignation email include but are not limited to the inclusion of an address line, statement of resignation, the reason for your resignation, your scheduled date of quitting, expression of gratitude, matters of transition, or hand over, closing remarks and signature.

All these attributes are explained here below with resignation email message samples (in italics).

1)  Introduction and Notice of Resignation

Writing a resignation email arguably requires that you begin with formal salutations whereby you can use a standard form of greeting by mentioning the recipient’s first name. The recipient could be the Human Resources Manager or your immediate superior like a departmental head.

Next, bring it to the reader’s attention that you are writing to put it on record that you are resigning from your position with the establishment. While at it, don’t forget to mention the reason for your resignation (even if it is not true) plus your last day of reporting to work.

 The last day of reporting to work should be in tandem with provisions in your letter of appointment concerning resignations. Some establishments require that you serve notice for three months.

If your case is the same as this one, then you should count your days accordingly before settling on a specific date to quote in your email. Following now is an example.

Dear Lillian,

Kindly please be informed that I am formally resigning from this establishment as the Marketing and Operations Manager. My resignation results from domestic demands that I cannot attend to effectively while still in employment. Bearing in mind the requirement to serve notice for three months, my last day to report to work shall be 15th March 2021.

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2)  A statement of gratitude

As pointed out there above, it is not wise to burn bridges either by deed or by interpretation. It is a good thing to preserve professional relationships and keep them alive because, as I did mention earlier on, you never know.

You could come calling for the same job in the future. Therefore, think about writing a few lines to mention what you are grateful for during your entire service period.

Here below is what would pass for a good example;

I have been in employment with this establishment for slightly over a decade. During this period, I was privileged to rise through the ranks to become the Marketing & Operations Manager from a mere Sales Officer. This is a milestone for which I will remain indebted forever.

Also, it will be mean of me not to mention the kind of cordial relations and cooperation that I have always enjoyed from you and everyone else ever since I joined this establishment. Above all, I am very thankful for the knowledge, challenges, and experience gained over the years.

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3)  Matters of Transition

One of the reasons for writing email letters of resignation is to allow for transition arrangements. This may require that an audit is carried out on your part as arrangements are put in place to get your replacement. Besides an audit, it could be necessary for whoever is replacing you to understudy you closely.

In the case of marketing, for example, there is a need for whoever is coming in to familiarize himself or herself with the portfolio of your clients, rates, terms of engagement, especially concerning deliverables, time frames plus of course terms and conditions of payment including the question of credit facilities.

Your replacement must also align with projections and strategies of the establishment, among other things. These details can be worked out with your immediate superior or your Human Resources Manager ahead of time.

But if you are not sure about your responsibilities for the handover, you can write that you are ready to cooperate about whatever it is that brings about a smooth transition. Last but not least, sign off with a befitting statement of farewell like ‘yours faithfully’, ‘Thank you or even ‘yours sincerely’ and here below is an example for you;

In a bid to see through a smooth transition, it is my honest prayer that the exercise of getting my replacement be expedited as fast as possible so that I may embark on the process of handing over.

First, I would like to introduce my successor to clients from our portfolio and take them through our terms of engagement with each one.

Secondly, my wish is that my successor familiarizes himself or herself with our projections for the future, including our strategies for achieving the same, among other concerns. I am also ready to cooperate on any other front that your good office may deem fit.

Finally, I wish to revisit my gratefulness and promise that the door is wide open for any assistance you may go after my exit as long as it is within my ability.

Yours faithfully,



What is contained herein is just but a guide about how to send a resignation email.

Although the fundamental basics remain the same, the content will always differ from person to person and depend on the reason for resignation.

Resignations occur for varied reasons such as career change, going back to college, family obligations, relocation, better opportunities elsewhere, and many other situations.

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