In 2021, we cannot imagine our lives without any software. This is especially true regarding work or business. SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft – most of them probably sound familiar to you.

As almost every business and person is using some kind of software, the market for IT companies selling their own software to businesses is huge and is constantly growing.

So, how to sell your B2B software cost- and time-efficiently?

In this article, you will learn a lot of useful information about selling your business software better and faster. 


In the last decade, the business world has seen radical changes, especially with the internet integration into their operations. This has revolutionized the business model; businesses are usability and solution-focused rather than product design, which was a critical factor in previous decades.

With advancements in technology, building great software, especially for start-up companies, is no longer a concern. B2B payments methods for online services or software is more manageable than before with internet money.

Well, the only significant challenge for most start-ups is how to sell software to businesses. How do you get your product out there? And how do you get businesses/companies to buy your online services or software and not those of your competitors?

For real, selling software to business is not easy, especially if you do not know how to build a valuable relationship with your existing and prospective B2B customers. You need to develop a clear blueprint on how to sell enterprise software and come up with some of the best ways to promote ERP services.

Conversely, this article will provide you with unique, creative, and cost-effective ways to sell software to businesses to maximize profits and build strong B2B relationships.

How to Create A Software Product that Businesses Want to Use

using online mailing services to send emails to potential clientsBeing new in the software industry and getting your product to buyers is often a hassle. You need to be on the right footing to succeed in luring customers to buy your SaaS. Remember, you are not selling your products to “institutions” per se, but you are selling to people, executives who have to consult each other before purchasing your SaaS. You need to provide them with reason beyond doubt that your online service will help them solve their problems.

  • Get to know your influencer: Do not just walk up to the “front door” and start selling your SaaS. It is essential that you know your influencers. Get your selves involves with the leaders and commend and show that you value and trust expertise. Building a relationship is vital before introducing your online products.
  • Good explanation: Remember, you are not the only one selling SaaS to the prospects. Therefore, make it your business to build a compelling value proposition. Your communication should be clear and with a precise target. You need to resonate, differentiate, and substantiate why they should purchase your SaaS. Tell them what they stand to gain from your product.
  • Free trial: It is important that you build trust. Trust is the universal language for B2B relations, and offering trial software to businesses shows that you trust your software’s abilities and trust them to purchase your product.
  • User-friendliness: It is paramount that your product can market itself as user-friendly software. Work to ensure that your software is easily usable by employees and works to resolve problems fast and effectively.
  • Social media: Businesses have today maximized on social media platforms to outsource services. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn have played a great deal in B2B marketing, generating leads and sales. Hence, it is crucial that you maintain an active social media presence. It is an effective way to market and capture the attention of your target influencers/ businesses.
  • Leverage on images and videos: Using images and video is the easiest way to introduce new software products to new B2B customers. Images and video help capture your audience’s attention, providing you a rare chance to introduce and lure your influencers to buying your online services.

Best Ways to Promote ERP Services

Small start-up companies have a big problem when it comes to promoting their SaaS. Precisely, they are not sure what strategies to use to up their sales scales. Well, the internet has provided cost-effective product promoting avenues that software start-up can exploit to put their products out there.

  • B2B Social media marketing: As far as B2B marketing is concerned, LinkedIn is one of the best social media marketing platforms. In fact, LinkedIn makes up 50% of all social traffic to sites and blogs. New companies, therefore, use such free media platforms to promote their SaaS and drive-up sales.
  • B2B Email marketing: It is a more targeted type of marketing whereby you can email personalized SaaS promotional messages to employees and company executives. The marketing strategy is mostly used for product launches. It is an effective way to grow sales, use feedback to innovate to add value to B2B relationships.

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  • Influencer marketing: You can also use a professional social influencer to promote your SaaS to businesses. It helps build confidence in your online service or software, most likely translating to more sales.
  • Affiliate marketing: This involves contract a third-party marketing institution, say a marketing company, to promote your online service solution to businesses. It is an excellent product promotion option when you have challenges formulating a marketing blueprint. The marketing will develop one or you, of course, with regard to your goals and promote products on a commission basis for every successful sales referral.
  • B2B Contenting marketing: Publishing industry-related content is one of the many ways to deliver a message to your potential business clients. Doing regular SEO optimized publication and press helps build your software brand. The content should resonate with your prospective software clients, and this will help build an audience, a loyal fan base. Eventually, this will culminate in sales opportunities for your SaaS.
  • Cold calls: Looking at it from a different perspective, inbound marketing is still worth a shot. In fact, I could grant you a competitive advantage over your competitors who might be majoring in outbound marketing. However, you have to combine it with a consultative sales approach. Also, you have to research your prospective customer’s needs before making that cold call; otherwise, you will on the losing end.

How to Analyze and Optimize Your Software Marketing Campaigns

Online email marketing statistical indicators, laptop graphicAfter engaging in various marketing campaigns, it vital that you analyze their effectiveness and work to optimize them for more leads and sales generation. Here are some metrics that will help analyze your SaaS marketing campaigns.

  • B2B benchmarking metrics: This includes paying attention to open email rates, website visits, content asset downloads, and abandonment rates. All these numbers are essential to help examine your campaigns and track historical trends.
  • Social media metrics: Tracking social activity on social platforms against that of your competitors provides you with an insight into your contents’ engagement levels and leads generation. Pay attention to notice how many followers convert to leads and opportunities for B2B SaaS sales.
  • Pay off metrics: Even though this may require patience, analyzing your marketing campaigns on the number of sales and leads is an effective way to evaluate your SaaS campaigns’ effectiveness. If you notice an upward trend in sales after your campaigns, it should inform you that the marketing strategies performed well and vice versa.

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Finally, if you notice that your campaigns are yielding way below expectations, you must embark on a journey to optimize your SaaS marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can leverage SEO, use keywords, research your business target needs and exploit social media to your advantage.

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