Company CEO talking to coworker on the roof, email outreachGetting to the inbox of C-level executives of top companies, skipping the intermediaries, might seem like a difficult task.

However, there are lots of tools, techniques, and services that can help you find the contact data and email of company managers and reach out to CEOs directly.

Learn the most efficient ways in our email outreach guide below.

Let’s overview the most common and efficient techniques, from the most obvious and lengthy to more expensive but faster ones.

Manual Search

When you visit the website of a target company, you can assume which pages the email address and contact data of your target person might be on. Try contacts page, about us page, privacy policy, and terms & conditions – that’s where the owner has to add his contact information.

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If you cannot find the email address on the most likely pages, try an internal search. You can search through the website by using a Google search command like “” or “” if you don’t know the name or email format.

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If you found a pattern in email format, you can try using the same format, taking into account the name of your target person. 

For example, if an employee called John Doe has a business email address, you should try using the same format with the name of your target person. The most common patterns are,,,, (the last one for smaller companies and higher positions).

Some pages on a website, for example, legal pages or technical pages, are often not indexed, and you won’t be able to find them in search engines like Google or Bing. On such sites, you can try using internal search using a search box or by adding the following to the website URL:

Try using LinkedIn to connect and then get the emails of your target people. It takes time and requires some networking, but eventually, you’ll be able to get to the target manager.

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Get to it Step-by-Step

Female company manager talking, email checking and video chatIf you cannot find the right email, and you get an “undeliverable” reply in return to a message you sent to all potential emails of the target person, try doing it step-by-step.

Contact a person closest to the position of your target CEO or manager. If you provide some value or offer a good deal, the secretary or a subordinate will be more likely to pass your email to the boss.

However, when you find general emails or emails with just names of people, can’t say about the position of the person you contact. To have more knowledge about the people you contact and collect emails faster, try using browser extensions and special tools to extract emails.

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Email Extraction Tools

Various email extractor tools can help to get the email addresses of your target managers in bulk by searching through the website code, LinkedIn page, social media, or any other online sources – depending on the tool. 

Most tools have a limited free version and a premium version that costs in the range of $30-50 a month, some are parts of larger tool packages.

Some of the most efficient and popular ones include the Chrome extension, Email Extractor Chrome Extension, Email Extractor Pro. Good options for LinkedIn include SalesQL LinkedIn Email Finder, Aeroleads,

Remember, those emails are not 100% correct, and often try to guess the target email based on the most common pattern on the site.

Offline Meetings & Networking

Public conference presentation event for industry professionals for networkingNowhere else you can find as many top-level managers, founders, and CEOs as in conferences, summits, and other offline industry events. People go there for networking, to find the necessary people, solutions, or buyers, so the visitors are especially curious and open to new offers. 

Entry price is often the mental barrier that allows attendees of such events to believe that only the “best ones” are there, and they won’t be approached by dozens of spammy sellers.

Don’t forget to print high-quality business cards presenting yourself in a good light, and after a short introduction and ‘selling’ yourself, your companion will be more likely to listen to your offer or will give you his business card to send him the offer afterward. 

Leaving a good impression is key. CEOs only want to work with people they are comfortable communicating with.

Buy Mailing Lists

The easiest and fastest way of getting to the target CEO’s inbox is buying mailing lists from outreach companies like Gethrough. 

Our employees publish and conduct surveys, e-books with access after email subscriptions and collect other data legally and in bulk. We have thousands of contacts including emails, phone numbers, positions, and a lot of other information in our mailing lists.

Contact us regarding custom mailing lists and get a free quote!

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