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Geo-Targeted Mailing Database 

There are almost 196 countries (195 if you leave Taiwan out) in the world. It is obvious that as promoters your marketing push to possibilities will not be administered to all of them. That’s not going to be of benefit actually. Instead, what you require is to spot your pointed audience based on geography and stretch out to them accordingly.

Using geo-marked email marketing lists is an appropriate technique to begin your business as it will instruct your campaigns to aimed markets. And if you think you are not sure as to where to get the list from, reach us at gethrough, and let us support you with the Country wise Professionals email database.

At gethrough we understand that your marketing expeditions need to be calling. It must to be aimed as per country, state, industry and other categories to ensure that your message is reaching its deliberate possibilities. With our mailing list of Geo-targeted professionals we can accordingly assist your marketing enterprise with data that is pertinent & affordable for you and we will ensure that extending out to possible customers across regional borders is not too difficult.

We can accordingly offer data

  • Country wise list
  • State wise List
  • State wise List with zip code
  • Industry specific geo- targeted lists
  • B2B geo targeted lists and more

Purchase Geo-targeted business executives list today and take your b2b movement to the next level.

Benefit of using our Geo-Targeted Mailing Database

In the present market place, it is not sufficient to be rooted in your local market. You have to be eminent in the global market as well. Regional business has its constraint and dealers need to draw campaigns to serve to regional, national and worldwide audiences. And when you want to develop and explore chances in an unfamiliar market, you need to begin with aimed email lists.


With the business email addresses of Geo-aimed professionals we help traders to connect with executives from across the UK, Europe, APAC, Canada and more. Divided and acceptable for multichannel communications, our lists are the most effective and accurate that is carefully examined and cleaned for you to help you make new beginnings.

Contact us today at Gethrough and let us provide you a customized geography based marketing database for b2b campaigns!

Geo-targeted Country-wise Email Contact List:

Netherlands Business Executives List

Japan Business Executives List

Singapore Business Executives List

Sweden Business Executives List

Spain Business Executives List

Switzerland Business Executives List

Denmark Business Executives List

France Business Executives List

Brazil Business Executives List

China Business Executives List

Ireland Business Executives List

Malaysia Business Executives List

Canada Business Executives List

Australia Business Executives List

Germany Business Executives List


Belgium Business Executives List

India Business Executives List

Italy Business Executives List

Finland Business Executives List

Hong Kong Business Executives List

UK Business Executives List

Mexico B2B Executives List

New Zealand B2B Executives List

Israel B2B Executives List

Czech Republic B2B Executives List

Austria B2B Executives List

USA Business Executives List

Turkey B2B Executives List

South Korea B2B Executives List

South Africa B2B Executives List

Russia B2B Executives List

Poland B2B Executives List

Norway B2B Executives List

Geo-targeted Region-wise Mailing Address List:

Asia Business Executives List

European Business Executives List

Middle-east Business Executives List

North America Business Executives List

South America Business Executives List

African Business Executives List

Oceania Business Executives List

Asia Pacific Countries Business Executives List

Middle East & North African Business Executives List

Latin American Business Executives List

EMEA Countries Business Executives List

Gethrough Mailing List

Gethrough helps not only choose a List that will best suit your business needs, but also gives you a surety of reaching out to people you think need to know about your business.


Our Lists comprise:

Business Mailing Lists

Our Business Mailing Lists comprise details such as Contact Person’s Name, Contact details, Role, Industry, Company Name and Contact details, etc. Additionally, we also qualify our Business Lists by geographic location, market demographics and personnel specifics.


Fortune 500 List

They see a company or brand to emulate. That’s a fair goal. But what we also see, is a brand to target! Fortunes (pun intended) change ever so quickly and it’s important you reach out to this rich database of niche target customers.


Geography Specific List

If your product or service is geographically sensitive (in other words, targeted to a specific geographical construct), our Geography Specific List factors in all such aspects. Our lists comprise information segregated on the basis of Continent.


Health Services Mailing List

Stress levels and work cultures changing, the need to be serviced by the industry has increased. If you provide a product or service related to the Healthcare industry.


HR Executive Mailing List

If your company provides Human Resource (HR) services including body-shopping, recruitment and placements or hiring, our HR Executive Mailing List comprises a segment that you must target


Industry Specific List

In a large marketing scenario, where there are different industries, different types of companies under each industry and fragments of specific industry professionals all across.


Marketing Decision Makers List

If your business or the company your work for owns proprietary rights to a tool, software, product or service that would benefit a company or brand with regard to its marketing needs


Pharmaceutical & Biotech List

Due to the vastness of the Healthcare industry, it makes sense to split and sort it in the form of Healthcare services or products. Our Pharmaceutical & Biotech List is a specific.


Sales Decision Makers List

While some enforce a more peer-to-peer, “put a face to a name” procedure, some prefer carrying on with all their dealings purely over the internet. Irrespective of what a company’s process.


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What makes gethrough unique than other Geo- Targeted mailing database providers?

Gethrough provides incredibly difficult to find contacts – the ones you most want to reach. Gethrough also does cleaning and updating the current list as much as possible compared to any other information provider that deals with business of providing mailing lists. We call every company every 3 months to verify the current positions of their decision makers and employees. The information we find today is provided to you instantly, so what we know is what you have at your fingertips. Also, we are consistently making additions to new company, brand and contact details that are emerging globally. We look for the extra, interesting details on people that make The List such a relevant source of new business leads. We also combing through same publications that may be waiting upon your desk for supplementary industry changes. We recurrently review online and offline publications. Our information data base comes from market surveys, business magazines, websites, journals, conferences, business directories, seminars, trade shows, and other outlets.

How many marketing contacts in Geo- Targeted mailing database can I access?

Gethrough data provides an extensive specialty list enabling you in your annual subscription list to look at an endless number of records as you design your own promotional and advertising contact lists. We offer you an extensive database with thousands of categories to choose from. We acquire information from a variety of sources and mix them together to confirm we have the most substantial geo targeted specialty lists our clients are looking for! We have thousands of global consumer specialty lists with thorough demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle features. We have one of the biggest databases of specialty lists available in the industry with extremely large list counts and affordable pricing. You may look at every company and person. We do keep a watch over site activity, to avoid abuse, also exercising a watch for excessive downloads and the sharing of logins and passwords. Please read the terms of usage agreement for more information.

How often is The List updated?

New data such as individual contact, brand, agency and company information is added to The List every hour of every business day. We validate important information at every company every 3 months– more than 1000 contacts on every working day. Latest information is offered to you no later than the next working day. The frequency of our company-by-company information authentication is more than twice than that of any other company in the industry.

What geographic regions does The List cover?

The List includes corporate and agency profiles for companies operating worldwide. You can check for the list above. The details like advertising, brand and media contacts come with every List subscription. You may add The List of any country to your subscription, or subscribe to it separately.

In which format do I get my List of Geo targeted Email Addresses and can I download the information?

Yes. After you complete the payment procedure for Geo targeted Email Addresses List, we will email you the data in Microsoft Excel format. The List has a readily available feature that permits you to download any list you create, including advertising and marketing contact lists, as an .xls or .csv file. You can then import that information into your CRM system.

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