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Event marketing is a huge opportunity to promote your brand and reach a wider audience. This article explains various event marketing tips to boost your brand.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is the process of generating demand for a product or service. It uses memorable experiences or promotional events to promote a brand, service, or product. Typically, it entails direct contact with a brand’s employees. Nowadays, online and mobile marketing also includes event marketing to create interest and awareness among consumers by creating a sense of excitement and urgency around an upcoming campaign launch. Companies motivate the public to buy a product or service by inviting consumers to a blockbuster promotional event.

Why is Event Marketing Important?

Event marketing can be a compelling form of outreach. The quick, non-guarded nature of live interactions can yield lasting positive impressions.

Event marketing can create newsworthy stories, drive social mentions, and generate powerful influencer marketing. Event marketing is crucial because it helps deepen engagement with your brand and gain valuable customer data. Most importantly, it should help achieve a definite business objective. That is why the event marketing approach needs effective event planning along with powerful event management tools.

What makes event marketing successful?

Successful event marketing begins with setting clear objectives. This may include who to target and what action to entice the audience. Effective event marketers usually give the audience something of value when they arrive at the event when event is taking place. Shoppers are always eager to try new products or seek insider information; event marketers simply need to play into these desires.

All successful event marketing campaigns incorporate advertising messages that are quantifiable. Event marketers track everything so that they know what worked and what didn’t work. This allows event marketing to be controlled and efficient moving forward. Below are event marketing tips to boost your brand:

Build a high-converting landing page

With the high competition in today’s saturated event space, it is becoming more and more challenging to capture attendees’ attention and key them into your event. Organizers and marketers alike need to adopt new tactics and strategies to stand out against the rest. One way is to invest in a professional landing page design that caters specifically to your niche market. Whether you are promoting an event for the first time or have experience in marketing, ensure that your landing page is designed with several high-level components in place. Make it catchy! As we know, first impression lasts long.

Your landing page design should feature clear and visually-pleasing graphics. Attractive graphics can help drive views to your event, which means you can reach more prospects. Your landing page design should communicate to potential customers that they are an integral part of the vision of your event, resulting in increased attendance. Your landing page should contain vital text elements, and text is one way you present information to consumers.

Include Guest Speaker Pictures and Bios

You can make your event livelier by providing bios of guest speakers, including their pictures. This reminds attendees of the experience they are about to enjoy. If they like one, they might even want to meet that person and speak to them afterwards.

Include a List of Activities

There will be a lot going on, and the attendee may not know what to expect. Keep them informed by listing the name and time of each activity, such as Networking, Appetizers & social Mixer, Keynote Speaker, Networking Breakout Sessions, Literacy Breakfast.

Include a Map of the Venue

Attendees like to know where they are going and how to get there, and making this available online will save the attendee that aggravation.

Promote events on social media

The internet and social media allow event marketers to promote their events and drive traffic anywhere in the world. To boost your brand, you should promote your events on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram and others.


If you provide hyperlinks to tickets, attendees can buy them right from there. Display social media icons on posters to allow your attendees to connect to your page and see what others say about your event. This can give you an edge over other event organizers.

Take advantage of FOMO

FOMO stands for the ‘fear of missing out.’ Experiencing this feeling often leads people to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t, such as sign up for Facebook. Marketing your event in a way that feels exclusive and impressive to potential attendees may cause them to rethink their priorities and attend.

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The most successful events are attended by attendees who feel they will enjoy the event and relish the opportunity to be there. The key to gathering these key demographics is good pre-event marketing, done in a way that brings them in so you’re able to speak to and engage them.

Encourage user-generated content

Encourage people to use your company’s services and trade in their experiences for something. It doesn’t have to be costly, and it just has to be interesting enough that other people want to hear about it. This works exceptionally well if your content is a niche or discusses a new area of business. You can use this as a way to direct traffic to your business website.

Creating contests offering prize money to the best, funniest, or most interesting comment on your topic will draw people in. This takes a mindset of permission marketing, encouraging consumers to promote your product in exchange for something better. There are several reputable companies, such as eBay or sites, that help facilitate contests. You can even make your website. It’s a relatively easy way to gain exposure for your brand and get creative in the process by adding fun elements.

Engage attendees with email marketing

One of the most effective event marketing strategies you can implement is email marketing. Email marketing doesn’t cost much to get started and can revolutionize how you generate conversions.

To send triggered emails, you can work with an email marketing platform that can send out personalized emails automatically on behalf of your company at specific times or events that you trigger off. For example, suppose you wanted to promote a new product launch coming up in two weeks. In that case, you could ask attendees to register their interest by providing their contact information, and this data would start getting transferred over time until two weeks before launch. Using this type of email automation, people will not be flooded with emails about the event too soon but instead will receive them at similar times so as not to annoy people.

The more people you send emails to, the more chances of conversions, bringing your profits up. Encourage your audience to visit your website or target emailing for particular groups you think might be more interested in your business. From ticket sales to merchandise sales, the benefits of email marketing are endless. If you need a professional email marketing service to assist with your email marketing needs, you can get in touch with us at Getthrough. We will endeavour to provide you with the most effective, rarest, and valid, complete data records to make your advertising campaigns successful.

Create a Hashtag for Your Event

You can use a campaign-specific hashtag for your event. Make sure that your hashtag is easy to type, short, and has no other meanings. Keep in mind that the hashtag will be attached to all of your event-related marketing materials. It should be something that’s associated with your brand, concise, and straightforward. Using a hashtag for your event helps draw in a big online audience. Once fans know that you’re hosting an event, they will flock to your various social media page. Make sure that you’re always communicating with fans, responding quickly to questions or comments, and encouraging them to share your event on social media.

Engage Influencers for Your Campaign

Influencers, especially YouTube-based millennials, are an excellent gateway to engaging with your target audience. Influencers can help spike brand awareness and share what you’re selling, all through their unique storytelling style. Engaging influencers early will also ensure that the influencer campaign aligns with your company’s goals.


So what’s the verdict? Marketing via events by itself cannot deliver astounding results. However, if an event is combined with other marketing efforts, such as email marketing, it can immensely contribute to building your brand and upscaling your business.

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