5 Ways to Find Out if your Email was Read: Read Receipt, Trackers & More

It is quite in order to be concerned about what happens to emails whenever you send them out.

You are likely to be bothered about whether the emails are being read especially if you expect replies and the emails are sadly not being replied to.

One of the things that you are likely to think about in such a situation is that the emails are either being ignored or they are going straight to junk box and are therefore not being read.

But this shouldn’t be the case.

You need to find out if your emails are being read with certainty. In fact, this is the reason that led to the invention of ‘email read receipt’. Alternatively, you may find out if your emails are being read through such other ways as email tracking and Get Notify for a read notifier whenever your emails are read.

For more detailed insights about ways to find out if your email was read, please go through the following.

How to check if your email was read on Gmail

Email list, mobile device receiving newsletters As pointed out already, there are several ways on how to check if your email was read on Gmail, and they include;

Request read/return receipt

Although it is possible to request for read or return receipts for emails that you send out from a majority of email platforms, Gmail does not officially support this arrangement. However, there is a way around it if you are using Gmail for work.

You can request a read or return receipt to be sent with the message which shows the date and time when your email was opened. Remember that can be marked as read and yet it was not opened.

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In order for you to request a read or return receipt when you are sending out an email from a Gmail account, the account must not be from a free version of Gmail. This is because the enabling feature is available on G-Suite which is a Google paid business cloud software.

The procedure is to turn on read receipt requests through the G-Suite Admin Console followed by the steps here below:

  1. Go to apps
  2. Select G-Suite
  3. Choose settings for Gmail
  4. Click Advanced Settings and click down to the ‘Email Read Receipts’ section until you find the option ‘Allow email read receipts to be sent to all addresses in my organization as well as the following email addresses’
  5. Switch ‘On’ the above option. Now, you can always click on the lower right ‘down arrow’ button on your compose window and thus request for a ‘read receipt’.

Note however that your recipient may have to approve the read receipt first before you receive the Gmail read receipt failure to which the receipt just won’t be forthcoming.

Also, it is not a must that the recipient respects your request. Additionally, such requests are found by some people to be intrusive and so your request can as well be ignored yet your email has been read.

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woman writing email from a laptop sitting on bed

Email Tracking software

In order to know if your email was read/opened on Gmail, you are advised to consider the services of third-party email tracking solutions. These tracking solutions are normally paid for although there are those that come for free, but only for some time.

Normally, it is wise to go for an ‘invisible’email tracking software because the beauty of this is that you will be sent a receipt even without the recipient getting to know about it.


This is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) add-on for Gmail. Although payment is required for the Corporate Plan as well as the Enterprise Plan, there is a free version too. This free version of your email tracking app works just fine except that it is limited to tracking only 200 per month.

Get Notify

The other option to assist you on how to tell if someone read your email on Gmail is the ‘Get Notify’ concept. When you are using the free version, you can track only up to 5 emails per day. ‘Get Notify’ ensures that you receive notification when your email is read.

Interestingly, details of the notification include the recipient’s geographical location, the kind of web browser he or she is using, the operating system and even the IP address.


This software has got no limit on the number of emails to track but when you are not using the paid for plans, your emails will be tagged with a Mailtrack Signature.

Please note that Mailtrack is a browser extension for Opera, Chrome and Firefox but it works with Gmail too. Its payment plans include the ‘Pro’ version, the ‘Teams’ plan and the ‘Enterprise’ plan.

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Ways to find out if your email was opened in Outlook

You are waiting to hear back about an email you sent out but time passes and there is nothing. Suddenly, you become anxious and start wondering if your email was read or not. You don’t need to worry anymore. You can request for outlook read receipt, or you can use an email tracking app as follows;

Outlook read receipt

While using the read receipt feature in outlook, click ‘Options’ on the Main Menu at the time of composing your email. From the sub Menu, choose the ‘Request a Read Receipt’ option whereby the recipient will be prompted to send you a notification immediately he or she opens the email.

Email tracking software 

Apart from the outlook read receipt feature, you can also use the tracking option. This requires that you solicit for services of third-party email tracking solutions which are paid for anyway, although a free versions with limited features are available too.

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Email Tracking on Yahoo

Ideally, Yahoo does not support open tracking on their webmail, but you can still track your emails on yahoo because it supports IMAP. This is to say that you have got the option to use another email program like Mailspring to send messages where ‘read receipts’ and ‘open tracking’ are enabled.

To do this, begin with downloading the Mailspring app which is available for free and allows emails to be sent with ‘read receipts’ together with a link for tracking. After downloading, sign in to your yahoo.com account, run Mailspring and choose IMAP or SMTP on the email set-up screen. Enter ‘connection settings for your yahoo.com account’ and click ‘Continue’. At this point, you can select icons in the composer to enable ‘read receipt’ and ‘link tracking’


When you send an email, and it is not replied to, you need not get anxious.

Instead, try to find out whether the email has been read by ensuring that when you send out emails, your account is enabled to request for ‘read receipts’. In other words, make sure that you are conscious about ‘how to know if someone read your email’ by considering the use of email tracking software, employing the use of ‘Streak’, ‘Get notify’ or ‘Mailtrack’ as detailed in this article.

Remember that all of these ways are applicable across the board whereby it does not matter whether you are using Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo platforms.

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