Gmail inbox email addresses case sensitiveI want to believe that if you are reading this article, you definitely have one email address or more. But have you ever asked yourself the question ‘Do capitals matter in email addresses?’

Your answer could be yes or no but first things first.

An email address is simply a unique identity of an email account that is composed of two parts, namely the username which is written first followed by the symbol @ and then the second part which is the domain name.

Some people capitalize the first letters in their email addresses but does the letter case matter when sending an email?

To put things in perspective, read along.

Does CAPITALIZATION Matter in Email?

The quick answer to whether email capitalization matters is a simple ‘No’. This is because the domain name which is part of an email address is classified as insensitive all over the internet. Therefore, it does not really matter whether you write the domain name in capital letters or not.

Additionally, there is no problem when you capitalize the first part of your email address before the symbol @ (also called the username). The reason for this is that in the beginning, usernames were classified as sensitive, but they are nowadays classified as insensitive after numerous revisions to the email protocol.

However, be cautioned that the classification of usernames does not apply across the board because there are some servers that may contain two separate mailboxes with the same email address but which differ in the form of capitalization.

The good news for you is that these are very rare cases and caps do not matter in Gmail which is commonly used anyway.

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Are Email Addresses Case-Sensitive?

Just be advised that email addresses are not case-sensitive but take this advice with some degree of caution.

The reason here is that you might run into an outdated server or program with the inability to interpret capitalization rightly but take solace in the fact that many email servers are capable of handling capital letters in an email address.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to have the address of your email capitalized.

How can Word Case Improve Email Open Rate?

Word case has got the potential to improve your email open rate because research by Pinpointe shows that when you use your personal name in your email address, you are likely to increase your email open rate by as much as 35%.

Another reason as to why you should treat word case with seriousness is that according to HubSpot, slightly over 40% of your readers are likely to check for your name before deciding whether to open your email or not. 

Therefore, it is clearly demonstrated here that word case can improve your email open rate to a big extent.

Email Subject Best Practices

Your email subject best practices should include the ability to set expectations of your readers besides capturing their interest to keep reading. Another best practice is to provoke the thought process of readers.


Summarizing, email capitalization does not matter in most cases. However, some older servers might have different email addresses registered with different capitalization but same content. 

To make sure you send a message to the right person, repeat the same capitalization pattern in all situations.

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