Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

Most of us, I hope, will be able to spend this time with the people we cherish the most, such as our loved ones, friends, or coworkers.

This is the perfect opportunity, before all of that occurs, to create some heartfelt and insightful happy thanksgiving emails.

Thanksgiving marketing emails may help raise income for small companies, which is fantastic news for them. According to the National Retail Federation, Many Americans will spend over $700 billion during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The best thanksgiving emails should grab a customer’s attention and arrive in their inbox just as they are venturing out to go on a shopping spree. In addition, the way you wish your employer a happy birthday is very different from how you greet your family and friends.

There’s one aspect of thanksgiving emails that won’t change, no matter who it’s sent to a message of gratitude.

Thanksgiving messages to clients

There’s no denying that on Thanksgiving, your clients’ email inboxes will be bursting at the seams.

Businesses with email lists will be fighting for customers’ attention by delivering Thanksgiving-themed messages to their inboxes. Email marketing campaigns that stand out include those that:

  • A compelling subject line will persuade them to read your email.

  • Let them know you’re sending it as a holiday gift in a special way for Thanksgiving.

  • If you’re running a deal or discount, be sure to mention it.

  • A captivating headline


The subject line of your thanksgiving marketing emails is likely to be the most critical component. Your clients must be enticed to open it.

You might, for example, include an offer together with a humorous emoji to make your email stand out from the others.

Take a look at those birds!

It’s a good touch to draw attention to the fact that you’re sending happy thanksgiving emails to clients.

Here are a few more ideas for subject lines for your Thanksgiving email:

  • Are you putting the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving meal?

  • When you regain your senses after a binge, we’ve prepared a special offer for you!

  • Who’s up for more? Now it’s time to shop for your Thanksgiving gifts!

  • Are you spending Thanksgiving at home or at a restaurant?

  • Early birds only: an additional 10% discount! Let’s have a bash to commemorate Day!

  • What or who do you have gratitude for?


Here is an example from a business:

What do YOU have to be grateful for?

🎉 30 percent off anything as a way of saying thanks

This is how we want to express our gratitude:

We were able to do it all because of you!

It’s time to chow down! A feast of discounts awaits you when you do!

You’ll want to silence the game since this deal is too fantastic to pass up.

Check out these fantastic #Friendsgiving recipes!

A crystal-clear message

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to craft a succinct, convincing pitch. There are many ways to say, “I’m glad for your business every day, particularly on Thanksgiving.”

  • “The nicest part of my job is getting to work with people like you. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that we’re able to do it!

  • “To me, you’re more than a customer; you’re a friend who I value. “A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.”

  • “It is a privilege for our business to have you as a customer, and we thank you for your patronage.” Have a delightful holiday with your family and friends!


Despite being succinct, these statements capture the essential spirit of Thanksgiving: gratitude.

Consider sending a more detailed thank-you note to long-term clientele.

Your firm is better prepared for Black Friday if you send out your email marketing campaign before customers sit down to Thanksgiving meal.

One more, which incorporates user-generated material to enhance the authenticity and appeal of its message.

Customers’ photos appear in an engaging Thanksgiving greeting.

If you’re running a promotion, mention it.

Last year, buyers spent over $7 Billion on Black Friday shopping, so sending out an email on Thanksgiving Day is a great way to capitalize on the holiday season.

Making consumers feel special and part of the firm by sending a Thanksgiving email to all customers is a great idea.

A lovely touch is the CEOs’ handwritten signature, which emphasizes how grateful the organization is.

As an added bonus, offer clients a special Thanksgiving promotion or offer as a way of saying thanks for their business.

Thanksgiving message to family and friends

If you’re not having Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends, sending an email letting them know just how much you appreciate them would be a kind gesture.

Sending an email to a relative has two options, depending on who you’re addressing.

  • A heartfelt Christmas greeting that conveys love and warmth throughout the season of giving.

  • A humorous message (any corny Thanksgiving poems out there?)


Whatever you choose, make sure your thanksgiving greetings to family and friends are full of thanks and admiration for the people in your life who mean a lot to you.

A message from the heart

An example of an honest email to a parent might be as follows:

The email’s subject line and body content make it obvious what it’s about and how much you value your relationship with your parent.

For those who are sending thanksgiving wishes to family across the miles, you may also sign off by wishing them a Happy New Year, so they know you’ll be thinking of them after Thanksgiving.

A message that’s meant to be amusing

Thanksgiving is the supreme time to send a thanksgiving message to family and friends with a little extra humor. The holiday is all about stuffing our faces and having a great time, after all! Keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive in your email by referencing it frequently:

Thanksgiving is a chance to spend time with family and friends, so don’t neglect them.

Thanksgiving message to friends

A brief thanksgiving message to friends on Thanksgiving lets them know you value them, even if you’ll be spending the Day dining with family.

It’s also possible to include something like: “Our houses may be far apart, but our hearts are as close as ever.” if your buddy lives in a different postcode.

This email’s success will be determined by your personal connection with your buddy. If they’re like comedy or poetry, don’t be afraid to use it.

To show your gratitude, even if you haven’t spoken to your friend in a while, try saying something like this:

“There have been moments when I neglected to thank you for being there for me. This is the Day I want to express how much I appreciate you and how much more enjoyable my life has been as a result of knowing you. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.”

Thanksgiving emails to employees

Keep your Thanksgiving emails to employees professional yet kind.

The email you send to employees will vary based on your connection with them, just as in the previous instances.

  • Is your relationship serious or lighthearted?

  • Do you get through the Day with back-and-forth memes?

  • Do they help you tolerate the long hours spent at your desk?

If your relationship has any peculiarities, consider including them in the email to personalize it even more. In the event that you and your coworker like exchanging candies in the break room, be sure to include it in your message.

Thanksgiving message to employer

Show your appreciation for your employer on Thanksgiving without being frightened.

Giving thanks is a wonderful thing to do, and Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to do it.

A thanksgiving message to employer on Thanksgiving should be more professional than the one you send to your coworkers.

You may choose to send a simple greeting, such as Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for making our workplace a great place to work by making it fun, terrific, and motivating for everyone. Take advantage of the extended weekend by spending time with your cherished ones, eating well, and laughing a lot.

No matter how often you express gratitude for our efforts, this Thanksgiving is about offering thanks for the blessings we’ve been given. Appreciate you very much for all of your help, encouragement, and direction (their name). You make this a wonderful place to work, and your guidance and support are invaluable to all of us as we strive to improve ourselves in our positions. Thank you for your service, everyone!

For extra brownie points, send a genuine note praising your employer for all the hard work they do to keep the business running well.

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