How important is Quality Marketing (Online Marketing) ?

How important is Quality Marketing (Online Marketing) ?

So you’ve created what according to you is a market churning product or have devised a service that will cater to a niche requirement in the market. Now it boils down to telling the market and your potential customers about it. The best and fastest means of achieving that, is quality online marketing. Easier said than done with the vast numbers of avenues that you have. But you have to look at it positively and understand that the more avenues, the higher your reach will be and more eyeballs will fall upon your efforts.

Quality Online Marketing is not just about getting “Likes” and “Opens”. It’s the engagement and more importantly, the conversion that matters. While ‘Sales’ and ‘Revenue’ have to be our greater goals always, the key to quality marketing strategy is to have a certain decree of ‘non-sales’ content. But the purpose and the call to action has to be definitive. There has to be a connect with your product or service, or you run the risk of disseminating quality information and content that will have no definitive purpose (or in movie lingo, a film with no script).

Another key aspect of quality online marketing is that it helps you understand and gauge the ‘high traffic zones’ when it comes to your products. You can analyze what part of your campaign is working best and drawing attention and accordingly, you can alter and modify your other campaigns, or decide to do away with them, if you are already getting the success you desired from fewer platforms. Measurement helps you understand your success or failure parameters.

Technology has seen multifold advancement and today, everything really is just a click away (no pun intended here!) Tools provide you valuable information on popular search terms, search phrases, search trends, keywords and more, thus giving you the leeway to customize your campaigns, based on what’s working. Of course, it goes without saying that just copying what works in the most unimaginative and unintuitive manner is absolutely no way to go about things. That will only get you marked as a black-hatter (someone who uses illegitimate techniques for optimization). There has to be a systematic, clean and well-thought method of approaching your campaigns.

Quality Online Marketing techniques today comprise a steady mix of earned, paid, owned and crowd-sourced platforms. Campaigns may vary from dedicated, reminders and supplemental and social. Getting it right will only give you a global presence thanks to the internet and a great amount of credibility. Each time you communicate to your target audience, they will pay attention. Once your TG accredits value to what you’re saying, you command a great deal of market ownership.

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    Wow, nicely written! Content is indeed king and it is changing the face of marketing online and advertisements. I recently came across an article where they explain the importance of content and why marketers are hiring more content writers and marketers. I loved how you have stated points in every way possible for marketers and for business. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

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