The question, posing as the title of this article is actually rhetorical. Would you consider investing in Email Marketing? The answer has to be in the affirmative. After all, with Email, delivery, gratification and the eventual success measurement is immediate. Email doesn’t allow much ambiguity and it allows you the liberty to tailormake (read: customize) your campaign, based on objective and success ratio.

Comparisons: When you compare Email Marketing with other forms of traditional marketing, you realise its viability and immediacy. Other comparable forms are:

Postal campaigns: With all due respect to the Postal services, they are called “Snail Mail” for a reason. By the time a campaign may get delivered, it could well be over. An Email Marketing campaign on the other hand, is all about instant deliveries. You plan a campaign, create it and send it. The deliveries start occurring immediately. In just a matter of a few hours, you get to know how your campaign has done, how many have viewed, opened and clicked.

Newspaper advertising: You can reach a large mass with a Newspaper. But what you actually need is class. You need to understand that it’s quality and not quantity that you need to target. Email Marketing campaigns give you the leeway to pick and chose a target database that would be most receptive to your message. You can chose from a wide array of available lists that cover demographics, socio-economic status, geographical positioning and a lot more.

Hoardings: Again, while hoardings have been traditionally a well-known mode of advertising, in today’s fast paced day and age, how many can afford to keep their eyes on a hoarding, while driving around? Even in high traffic zones and during peak hours, people are usually tweeting their frustrations away! An Email though is something that people can check if there are behind their office desk, on the couch or even on their Smartphone or tablet when on the move.

Television: Among all of mainstream media, Television of course enjoys pride of place. People will never stop watching Television and it is one of the most popular platforms for advertising. However, the costs for having an eye-catching, creative television commercial are extremely high. The need to have extremely high production quality is also imperative with the numbers of large scale brands vying for attention on the TV.

All the above mentioned modes of promotions and advertising are time consuming and demand a lot of investment in terms of time and more importantly, money. Email Marketing though, is fast and easy to manage and can be implemented and delivered at a much smaller cost, with less than half the production hang-ups and issues other traditional forms of advertising may bring.

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