Every year your email marketing database decreases. You should try all possible options to increase your email list on a daily basis. Some useful ways are:

1. Social Media

    • Facebook

Run Facebook ads with gated offers. Actively participate in your relevant facebook groups by sharing interesting content that’s linked to your blog or website.

    • Twitter

Tweeting frequently with links associate to your blog will get you more likes and retweets. Which also means more coverage.

    • Google Plus

Share your content in google plus will also get you new users. Always use a gated content so that people subscribe for your site. If your content is regular and vast, You can request people to sign up for your page. The number of subscribers you get will also define the number of interested / potential users from your content.

    • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to interact with people from different industries. Join Linkedin groups and share content relevant for that group. Answer questions by linking back to your blog or website.

    • YouTube

Make videos related to your industry and share it on youtube. Link your video to your social media accounts and the landing page. Prompt people to sign up even in your landing page.So that you don’t miss any potential subscribers.

2. On Your Website

    • Input

Make it easy for them to give their email address. It maybe be tempting for you to ask for more from your customers but it’s recommended that the lesser information you ask, the better information you get. So starting with only the email is the best option.

    • Blog

Having a blog for your website is an added advantage. It will bring you more subscribers.You can show that you are an expert in your industry and gain the trust of your users.

    • Feedback

Getting live feedback from your users will help you understand what they want from you and what you need to change or improve, for example, the frequency of the emails you send them or the type of content they are interested. Most of the people prefer give feedback either positive or negative, so take advantage of it.

    • A/B Test

Without A/B testing your campaign copy is like driving the car blindfolded. Design of your copy plays an important role in your campaign. It can drive more engagement from the users. So always A/B test different aspects like the first line of the form, the gated offer color, placement of the sign up form, colour of the form and many more. Create different versions of these forms and A/B test them. And go with the winning result.

    • Quiz Test

Include quiz test and at the end prompt them to sign up to know their score or to avail the offer for your product/service.

3. On Other Websites

    • Guest Posts

Submit a guest post on other website by including links to your pages in the content. Choose a website that is related to your industry and also the one with has good traffic.

4. Through Email


    • Motivate people to share your newsletter

By including facebook and twitter share buttons at the bottom of your mail encourages the people to share it with their friends and family.

    • Concentrate on subject lines

Email subject line is the first thing that grabs the attention of the user. Write a subject line that is short and focuses on the message you want to convey.

    • Write an entertaining content

Always write a content that will make people keep coming back for more. This will save you from people unsubscribing from your website or blog.

5. Through Traditional Marketing

    • Collect emails by hosting event

Host an event like a hackathon, meetup or conference, display your products. This will get the interested users excited. They will sign up for the event if the context is relevant.

    • Host a webinar

Conducting Webinars is an opportunity to show off your industry skills to interested users. You will be able to provide educational content for the people signing up for your webinar. You can explain about your industry by giving them details on your products and services.

    • Collect emails by offering a discount at your store

Collect emails from the people that enter your brick and mortar store. After you collect them you can enter them into your database and send an introductory welcome email to the people by offering the discount.

    • Share your QR code

These symbols are simple and easy to distribute. Anyone can scan and open up your website or blog. The QR (quick response) code has the best portability. It can be shared on business cards, shop entrances, vouchers etc.

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