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Reach out to top lawyers and attorneys in your area and niche with our custom mailing lists!

Do you offer products or services for attorneys like project management tools, accounting and billing services, outsourcing, credit card processing services, payment gateways, marketing, lead generation or others?

With Gethrough’s custom lawyer mailing lists, you will have all the needed contact data to reach out to your very targeted audience.

Our extensive database of lawyers and attorneys includes over 100,000 contacts to help connect with Corporate Lawyers, Contract Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, and others.

We offer customized and thoroughly validated mailing lists with at least 80-90% of correct data (some data can be outdated or email no longer used, we try to keep track of that).

Our multiple channel databases help you market your law-associated products and services through email, telephone, and direct mailing campaigns.

If you order your targeted audience B2B contacts lists, they include the information like their name, email address, home address, fax and phone number. The fields included in mailing lists are up to you – just mention it in your order.


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    Books with law cases, attorneys contacts list Law is a promisingly growing market sector and makes an excellent target for a range of B2B products and services. The lawyer profession is divided into sole practitioners and attorneys affiliated with law firms having similar business needs to small enterprises.

    These lawyers embody clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, stop legal documents, and manage or advise clients on legal transactions.

    In the B2B market, transactions constitute business deals of expensive B2B services and even luxury consumer goods.

    In case you are aiming at lawyers working for B2B companies, Gethrough’s subjective and highly authentic attorney email database can help you approach your target customer at their active and accurate contact information.

    Data Sources for gathering Attorney Email Database

    We ensure your message goes right into the inbox of thousands of lawyers and attorneys all over the continental USA, Europe, UK, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and other regions worldwide.

    All the records available in the lawyers’ database and Lawyers Email List comes from dependable and trusted sources such as the National Bar Association, journals, disciplinary agencies, court systems, bar examiners, seminars, websites, and other proprietary sources.

    Moving on, we also verify each detail and reconfirm the Attorneys Email List validity and relevance in the present time.

    You can customize your SAP mailing databases depending on the below parameters:
    How to address Attorneys and Lawyers?
    As in many professionals, before reaching out to them, it is essential to know how to address that person in an email correctly. So, how to address attorneys and lawyers correctly?

    For most situations, using ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ would be the right option.

    When you’re emailing for a legal matter, you should use ‘Esquire’ at the end of the salutation. Here is an example: Mr. Jake Black, Esq.

    You can also use ‘Attorney of Law’ as a synonym of ‘Esquire’.

    If that person is writing scientific or professional articles in the legal industry, you should add a ‘JD’ as an academic setting and the person’s degree to the salutation. Here is an example: Jake Black, JD, MBA.